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  • The Backdash is back! And yes, it's programmed to be faster than running.
  • Any headwear equipped will show up on Miriam. So you can swap out her horns for a "Beast Beret", a cute li'l hat designed after a teddy bear. Guess if you're gonna kill monsters, might as well look cute doing it.
  • Several backers who got to play the 2018 E3 demo found out that the crate in Galleon Minerva sometimes bugged out completely and couldn't be pushed, rendering the demo unplayable. While this is indeed unfortunate, some artists decided to poke fun at the situation, such as ArtPlay's Mana Ikeda's submissions regarding that matter.
    Please keep your cool, Miriam—there are still so many other bosses for you to face off against...
  • One sidequest in the game is Miriam coming across a lost man named Benjamin who asks if she is human because of the crystals on her skin. To set him at ease, she tells him that they're the latest fashion trend from Paris. His reply:
    Benjamin: [awestruck] Oh, Paris? Wow! I've never been to Spain!
    • Later on, you can find Benjamin again trapped behind a waterfall because he imagined the wrong place when given a Waystone to warp home. Miriam is rather peeved at this and is far more blunt with her instructions.
    • By the time Miriam finds Benjamin a third time, she is so fed up with his incompetence that she threatens to kick him upside the head if he doesn't warp straight back to the village. Fortunately for him, he gets it right this time and rewards Miriam for all the trouble with a rare ring.
      • His final conversation with Miriam is hilarious as well. It's about 50% "Please don't hurt me"...and 50% Love Confession!
  • Another NPC in the game is a friendly Killer Barber named Todd, who was cursed into his current form and in order to break said curse, he must master 666 different hairstyles. And they have to be real ones, he can't just randomly chop off hair and call it a new style or his cursed scissors will punish him by killing the person whose hair he is cutting.
    Todd: It's these scissors! They've cursed me to become a demon!
    Miriam: Then why not cast them aside?
    Todd: [angrily] Cast them aside?! If I could take them off, I wouldn't be cursed! Duh!
    Miriam: You have the worst curse ever.
    Todd: Yes. Quite literally, yes.
    • Every time Todd learns a new hairstyle, he gets the same swirly blue Level Up animation that Miriam does.
  • Although minor, the return of death physics, although few enemies take full advantage of it. This can most easily be seen by hitting a morte in the head, causing it to go flying.
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  • Unlike most bosses whose death cries are what you expect from death cries, Bathin's death cry sounds like a teenage temper tantrum.
    Who're you calling slow?
  • One of the Transformation Shards that Miriam can use is "Bunnymorphosis". Which turns her into a Lili — aka a Succubus Bunny Girl who attacks exclusively by kicking her enemies.
  • Orlok "O.D." Dracule, the librarian.
    • A vampire who's virtually a dead-ringer for Alucard, with only a few clothing differences to keep lawyers at bay. He's also voiced by Alucard in both English and Japanese, and is found in a room practically identical to the librarian's room from Symphony of the Night, chair balanced over a hole and everything (you can even repeat Symphony of the Night's Easter Egg and bounce his chair from below to unlock the achievement "Déjà vu"). The sheer shameless temerity to squeeze that in is hilarious.
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    • O.D.'s dialogue reveals that vampires are apparently much more tech-savvy than humans, having had photography long enough to consider it mundane while humans still haven't invented it for themselves yet, and they even use photo ID. Which is funny if you remember that a commonly depicted trait of vampires is that they don't show up in photographs.
    • The dialogue right before O.D.'s bonus boss fight, where he gives Miriam the riot act for failing to return his books is already deliciously hammy, but then the cherry on top comes from Miriam's incredibly whimsical and nonchalant "Oops" in reply.
    • If you beat him, you can return to the library and find out that he's still alive ("Vampire, remember?"), but now he's wearing a silly mask with thick glasses, a Gag Nose and a mustache that resembles, of all people, Wario's, since he's now under your command for beating him and clearly isn't pleased about it. While Miriam sheepishly offers to give the book back, O.D. peevishly comments that she's free to pillage his shelves.
    • And of course, as a throwback to Symphony of the Night, you can go to the underside of his chair and, should you have the High Jump Shard from mutating the double jump, you can proceed to launch Dracule from his chair in the very same vein as how you could do it to the Librarian as Alucard! Not to mention there's a very delicious sense of irony in that Dracule goes through what the librarian suffered from Alucard.
    • That ridiculous mask? That's an accessory Miriam can equip as well. The chest with the mask appears after you launch him from his chair (leave and enter the room below him to see it). This also means that tormenting O.D. this way is needed to get not one but two achievements: the aforementioned "Deja Vu" achievement and the Item Completion Achievement.
    • Even Miriam herself can fall victim to being chair-launched in the same way, as there's an identical-looking room on the right section of Livre Ex Machina where she can sit on a chair and a Lance Armor will poke at her from below, sending her upward.
  • You can find a "Voice Changer" accessory hidden inside a breakable wall in the Forbidden Underground Waterway, and equipping it causes Miriam to have Helium Speech. It even applies to dialogue!
  • The portraits throughout the game are a kickstarter reward. One fellow in the entrance is wearing a very cliche vampire costume. Related to this reward is to have your pet appear as an enemy. One of them is Nyobon, a demon cat found in one of the hallways.
  • When the game hints that you need to go find the Double Jump ability to progress further, Miriam asks Dominique how Zangetsu can get around the castle so easily, to which she replies that he has trained his body beyond normal human limits and can now jump in midair. Miriam's utter disbelief that such a thing is possible is a humorous bit of Lampshade Hanging. Later, when Dominique claims that she heard Zangetsu has the ability to fly, Miriam's response is a Flat "What".
    • Especially funny about that first one? When Dominique basically makes a big deal of how awesome Zangetsu is to train so hard to allow himself to jump a second time in mid-air, Miriam gives an incredulous, "He does NOT!". The tone of her voice sounds more like a grade-schooler at recess calling out her friends for tall-tales.
  • The Shovel Armor enemies are worth a laugh on multiple levels. They are not just buff parody versions of the aforementioned Blue Burrower, they even drop a lot of different things related to him.
    • They can drop Sapphires, and are often found near chests containing various other gems. Shovel Knight is known for collecting lots of gems on his adventures.
    • They can also drop Shovels, which function as a Spear-type weapon.
    • Their shard lets you summon one that attacks by throwing dirt at enemies.
    • Lastly, they have a chance to drop the EX Shovel Armor, which, in a Call-Back to the Axe Armors of yore, turns you into a Shovel Armor when equipped, attacks and all. If you have the Double Jump, you can even pogo just like the real Shovel Knight!
  • IGA's attempts at English when fought in-game is simply hilarious and echoes the over-the-top voice acting of Symphony of the Night.
  • While the food in game looks absolutely stunning, there are a couple of unusual dishes: Berry Spaghetti and Shiruko Spaghetti.
  • Miriam will say "Scrumptious!" the first time she eats a food (where it also permanently buffs her stats, usually health), but in Japanese voice she seems to enjoy it very much, even when eating the aforementioned unusual dishes above:
    Miriam: Oishii~!/Umai~!
  • When you fight against Valefor, he begins his next phase (upon you depleting all of his health) by stealing all of your money to replenish his health. If you're very low on funds, he gives out an indignant "Is that all you have?" If you don't have any money, he has this to say as his death quote.
    Valefor: "What!? You're flat broke!"
  • Bloodless, as her name implies, is themed entirely around blood. Her entire outfit is made out of blood, which she creates from a blood-filled bathtub, and she fights using blood attacks. Why is this funny? Because if you change the color of the blood, you also change her color palette as well. Yes, this even means you can give her a white color palette, with all the implications that come with it.

Meta and Pre-Release

  • In his Kickstarter Pitch video, IGA just can't resist throwing a wine glass.
    • The glass now makes it into the game as an actual attack called "Insatiable".
    • Starting from a story trailer, they decided to make the glass-throwing antic into a brand signature.
    • And when he's fought in the game as a hidden superboss, IGA's main attack is to throw wine glasses on the floor, which summons intensely-powerful columns of flames. Miriam gets this attack for herself if she can obtain his Shard, wine glass and all.
  • Also from the Kickstarter Pitch, there are also some fans who find it morbidly hilarious when IGA tortures a random chap some time after.
  • We were told that the game will have a Creator Cameo as a Bonus Boss. When people think of IGA inside a video game, this thing is probably not what they have in mind. Although it was revised in the final version to a more normal design of IGA in Dracula cosplay with his signature hat (which is still pretty funny).
  • The Kickstarter site of the game contains an FAQ page which answers a few questions from fans. One such question is as follows:
    Question: Is IGA a vampire?
    Answer: We've tried figuring it out, but since we began this project he's been extremely guarded around mirrors.
  • During the Kickstarter stream, IGA accepted to say "Die, Monster!" while wearing false vampire teeth. It's as funny as it sounds.
  • During the release date trailer, it starts off with criticisms and gripes about the game's graphics and such. It then cuts back to the original kickstarter video when IGA threw his wine glass and he says "I'LL SHOW THEM!" Only in this context he seems to be fed up with the criticisms and is throwing his wine glass in anger instead of as a Call-Back to Symphony Of The Night. And to top it all off, when comparing the game's old graphics with the new ones, for a moment instead of it saying "Old", it says "Poop".
  • Erica Lindbeck Tweeting out to reveal she's the voice of Miriam. The official Bloodstained Twitter then told her to "get back to demon slaying" and Lindbeck responded with a very simple 'ok'.
  • In the game's post game credits, some of the backer name entries slipped past the development team.

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