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Nightmare Fuel / Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon

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  • Once you start Stage 8, a huge swarm of glass shards rips through the room, tearing parts of the stage apart. As you progress through it, it continues destroying parts of the stage, and chases you at several points. All this, combined with the absolutely frantic music, screams one thing; Zangetsu has the attention of the castle's master. And she is PISSED.
  • If you fail to protect Alfred as he's preparing a spell to stop corrupted Zangetsu, Zangetsu uses his massive scythe to instantly mow down his three former allies. In his euphoria of killing the interlopers, he transforms into a skeletal demon laughing maniacally in a black and red silhouetted scene.
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  • Stage 6 and the boss Bloodless in general. As you wander through the stage, you're treated to many 8-bit style scenes of cages, iron maidens hung from the ceilings and blood all around, which gives way to Bloodless's scene. You walk into her taking a bath in her blood, which she proceeds to spring out of with a Noblewoman's Laugh. All of her attacks are blood related, and on the first time she uses her Bloody Storm attack, it will not only hurt you if you're not under a parasol she makes, but also covers the entire BACKGROUND in blood. One has to only wonder: where did she get so much BLOOD!?

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