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Life is like your favorite relative. It gives you everything. Anything you want, anything you need...
...Then out of nowhere, it sends you a curveball that throws your whole life out of order.
Mine was a 2-tonne van.

While out running an errand one night towards the end of summer vacation, Mark Richards was hit by passing van and "rescued" by the drivers, who took him away with the intent of healing his injuries. Two weeks later, Mark's friends saw the same van drop a body-bag with a nametag bearing Mark's name on the front lawn of his home.


Inside the bag was Mark, albeit heavily altered from scientific experiments of dubious ethicality. For one thing, the "Mark" that they got back was now female...

The comic can be found here (As of this note, 25 May 2013, the comic is no longer updating, and appears to have been dead for some time.)

Unfortunately, as of approximately February 2016, the comic's website became frozen and as of this writing (Sep. 2nd 2017), still is. The Internet Archive Wayback Machine has what seems to be a complete archive of the webcomic here, and it seems to be the only archive of the webcomic online so it's your best bet.


This work provides examples of the following Tropes:

  • For Science!: Protoc0l-28, which grants the scientists freedom to conduct whatever experiments they want to do, as long as it "betters research"
  • It's All My Fault: Mark's mother, reasoning that if she hadn't sent him on an errand to deliver a package, he wouldn't have disappeared
  • Look Both Ways: Mark's abduction is triggered when he is hit by a passing unmarked white van
  • Morally Ambiguous Doctorate: The scientists who run Mark over seem to be actually decent people, and only intended to save Mark from dying. The scientists that they work for, however, had other ideas.
  • Most Writers Are Writers: In the first few strips, Mark and Will are discussing money-making ideas, one of them being "Make a Webcomic"
  • Zany Scheme: Will attempts to come up with several money-making ideas, ranging from "Make a Webcomic"note  to "Website showing all nearby Drug Dealers"note . None of the plans make it past Mark.