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Trivia / Bloodbound

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  • Fan Nickname: A Lot of fans refer to this story as Fifty Shades of Twilight, likewise referring to Adrian as “Adrian Cullen/Grey”.
  • I Knew It!: Fans have speculated that Nicole will betray Adrian ever since her introduction. This only evolved to: Nicole working with Adam Vega against Adrian ever since chapter 12.
  • You Look Familiar: In a premium scene showing the French Revolution, many of the peasants revolting against Kamilah and her vampire friends are cast members from The Crown & the Flame who end up dying horribly.
    • One of Gaius's soldiers, Banner Westbrook, has the same face as Bartel Gremory from The Crown and the Flame.
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    • One of the clubbers in Book 2 Chapter 6 is Lina.

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