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Nightmare Fuel / Bloodbound

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As if the regular Ferals weren't bad enough.
  • The Ferals. They are (technically) still vampires but they are driven solely to feed and kill. They are constantly in a state of mindless rage. Getting bit by one turns the victim (whether human or vampire) and there's no cure for being a Feral (apart from death).
    • The Crytpoferals in Book 2 are even worse. They have evolved due to their environment (being trapped in the vampire crypts for hundreds of years) and look like something out of the Alien franchise.
    • Worse still are the Spiderferals (pictured). They are six-armed, four-eyed monstrosities that make the regular ferals seem tame by comparison, and there's a whole army of them.
  • Book 2, Chapter 6 is an extremely dark chapter in which two characters are violently killed, the Big Bad becomes basically immortal and the main characters either go into hiding (Kamilah and Lily) or flee to another country (Amy, Adrian and Jax) for their own safety. To hammer home how dark this chapter is, the chapter description simply says "RUN".
  • The Order of The Dawn. A sadistic, ruthless group dedicated to the total eradication of all vampires. Their first physical appearance has them burst into a nightclub and brutally slaughter waves of innocents (both vampires and ordinary people). The game puts it best: "The Order does not yield. The Order does not sleep. The Order shows no mercy... and leaves no survivors".
• In Bloodbound Book 3 Chapter 16, it's revealed that Rheya killed her own daughter Iola (since Rheya believed Iola was burned alive, by the Son of Ares and thought Iola was a random human).

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