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  • Box Office Bomb: In the US. Budget: $130 million. Box office: $60,522,097 (domestically), $243,843,127 (worldwide). However, compared to other Will Smith movies, most of which gross triple to quadruple their budgets, it's easy to see why this movie could still be considered a bomb worldwide.
  • Creator Killer: The film was a decent-sized blow to the theatrical career of screenwriter Gary Whitta, whose next job was early story for Rogue One and otherwise has yet to get his next own screenplay into theaters.
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  • Inspiration for the Work: Will Smith conceived this story when he was watching I Shouldn't Be Alive with his brother-in-law Caleeb Pinkett.
  • Mid-Development Genre Shift: The film was originally not a science fiction story but about a father and son crashing their car in the mountains or some remote region, with the son having to go out and get rescue for his father. Will Smith then decided to change the setting to 1000 years in the future, which imposed a higher production budget.
  • Money, Dear Boy: Why M. Night Shyamalan did the film. Rumor has it that some scenes weren't even directed by him but Smith instead.
  • Old Shame:
    • Will Smith called the film "my most painful failure", even moreso than Wild Wild West, because he brought his kid into it. He said that he learned from it and that he plans to focus on making movies for reasons other than box office returns.
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    • M. Night Shyamalan admitted that he regretted directing the film.
  • Reality Subtext: Several reviewers have noted the likely unintentional parallel between Cypher in the background pushing his son Kitai to perform in a situation he is ill-prepared for, and Will Smith having his son Jaden as the star in his pet project.
  • Star-Derailing Role: The movie is clearly designed as a vehicle for Jaden Smith; instead, the generally poor reaction to his performance and frequent allegations of nepotism in the script seem bound to hold him back for some time. Will Smith's career was also briefly stalled.
  • Stillborn Franchise: In March 2018, it was revealed that the film was intended to be the first installment of a new franchise. Pitched to the studio by Will Smith, the intention was to launch a multimedia franchise titled 1000 AE. Plans were originally for a sequel, a live action television series, an animated television series, webisodes, mobisodes, a video game, consumer products, theme-park attractions, documentaries, comics, an educational program collaboration in partnership with NASA, cologne and perfume lines, and a social media platform. Though Smith wanted AE to be an immersive experience for the audience, the movie ultimately was poorly received and lost money at the box office. All plans for a continuation were abandoned.

Won Jaden Smith and Will Smith the Golden Raspberry Awards for Worst Actor and Worst Supporting Actor, respectively.

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