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CS Toys is like a neighborhood toy store. Everyone likes the owner, the staff work hard and are greatly appreciated, there are a bunch of regular customers who come in whenever they are able, and at holidays people often get a little something extra with their purchase.

Only the store is in Japan.

And the customers are all over the world.

Started in 2005, CS Toys sells toys based on tokusatsu, specifically Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, and recently, Ultraman.


The real show, however is CS Toys Live, otherwise known as The Pack-and-Ship Show. Here, store runner Mr. S turned the novel idea of seeing your order get packed into a sort of variety show, with product reviews, trips to the arcade, a running commentary by a regular group, and, of course, packing and shipping the orders.

The store is run by:

  • Mr. S: The Hero. Runs the store and hosts the show.
  • Super Ben: The Lancer. Started the store with Mr. S. The CEO, Runs things behind the scenes, the guy Mr. S turns to for guidance. Also runs a BeniDICTatorship over the chat board.
  • PacKing: The Big Guy. Handles the packing of the items. works with many people to get things done.
  • PaQueen: The Chick / Cute Bruiser. Also works on packing items. Mr. S's wife.
  • Akira: The CS-Princess. Also she is Mr.S's daughter who can sing a duet.

In addition to the people who actually work for the store, there is a group of regular viewers who chat during the live show, sometimes about the current item, often about something else entirely. This chat can be seen by Mr. S, so there is dialog.

The Regulars are:

  • Anime Fan 1 : I have no idea who this guy is (allegedly engaged to his right hand)
  • Awsome 655: One who enjoys inserting random Japanese phrases into conversation. Awsome 655 has been on the Pack & Ship Show chat for over one year since February 2009. When he joins the chatroom he always says something like "Attack Ride: ORE SANJOU!" He is good friends with Winall97,Negiz5 and Eugene42181
  • codeywings10:
  • CordDragonzord: The known traitor of the group
  • Darkon633: Butler @ Toku Anime News, Originally starting not knowing much toku and eventually became one of the moderators. At times is the end result of wheelchair21, projektrdm, and exploding shark's jokes. He wears a T-shirt that says "Shishi Ranger = Dragon Knight". Possible token Gay member.
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  • DOA40: the psycho newbie who needs more money to buy more stuff from CS Toys.
  • ExplodingShark: The Lovable Sex Maniac of the group, he tends to leave his Caps Lock on when speaking. Also, a shark who explodes. Very Brtish.
  • icedragon444: A 10 year old who bores easily.
  • ilikepuppies: He likes puppies.
  • Jedimon: Buys a lot of toys from CS Toys has been buying since 2007, but creates many issues on the chat that tend to make moderators angry also thinks everyone else is dumb but him. Later co-founder of Riders, Rangers & Rambles (aka RRR) and helped run it onto the ground.
  • Kenzakisan: A guy who is really cool and always being regarded as Kamen Rider Blade because of his CS Toys username.
  • kikaider287:
  • KO35: A guy with good facts, who helps Mr. S a lot. And is a big fanboy of Yellow senshi. Has an unofficial claim over all yellow senshi (*hint hint*) and he kinda sucks
  • kommandoskar: One from across the pond in the land of misplaced u's and another up-and-coming YouTube legend trained by ShukuenShinobi.
  • linkster:
  • Negiz 5: Another well known and long time chat member is a friend to everone on the chat and all of his tokusatsu items are from cstoys Also known as Henshinking. Good friends with CordDragonzord, Winall97,Awsome655, ExplodingShark,ShukuenShinobi and Eugene42181.
  • Eugene 42181: Hello Friends. A Permamod on the CS Chat, a Supporter on the CS Toys Forum, and He's an Editor on the CS Toys Blog. One of the Best Moderator,Supporter and Editor of CS Toys and a Long time Buyer of CS Toys International. He's Also Behied the Chat Rules/Manners. He's Also the Type of person to be everyone's Friend.
  • Gundam Legacy Extreme: SHURIKENGER! Founding Member or Toku Anime News and a high ranking member or Hydra
  • nekodragon: The creator of the CS Toys nameplates. He insists on calling Mr. S by his first name.
  • NerdPuppy: A candy toy collector who is especially fond of Engine Birca.
  • Nick5435: The self-proclaimed YouTube, Tokuatsu and Toy addict. Also is known to browse the HJU forums and cannot even afford a candy toy mecha...
  • ninjak: The Cool Old Guy of the group and a lover of Batman.
  • orga:
  • Otoya-san: One who has traveled to the land of the rising sun, met with Mr. S in person, and vanquished him in a Ganbaride game.
  • Projektrdm : CS Toys Moderator/Founding Member of Toku Anime News aka known as Projekt the resident baddass of the chat and a beer drinking fun loving guy who keeps the trolls from invading the chatroom. HE IS THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS
  • Ryokuya: He's a Permamod on the CS Toys Chat and he's behind the CS Toys Blog.
  • ShukuenShinobi: The beautifier of the forums and another of the few large purchasers able to stun the masses. Also, a badass Permamod on the chat. He Helps Mr S with Prices, Release Dates and the web store he is a Very Important Person to CS Toys. Co-founded RRR with Jedimon, and escaped it's death fairly unscathed. A Real lovable Snorlax.
  • Strikees: The handsome yet very smart customer who created the CSToysJapan forums among with his trustworthy sidekick, ShukuenShinobi.
  • TJ Omega: The transformer review that comes to the chat on a regular basis just to see whats going on.
  • TheMissingAce: Apparently missing.
  • The_Emperor: aka "Tono-sama". Master collector with one of the largest collections. Creator of the "Sentai Mecha Battle" video series on YouTube. Loves to torture figures with cute crying faces *cough* figma Mikuru and figma Mio *cough* >:D
  • Visible Ninja: Formally Metal Symphony, a failure of a Youtube reviewer who mostly does Gundam Kits and SH Monster Arts. Takes his meds these days so is less of a shit-starter, though he's still a Drunk.
  • Vz 17:
  • Winall 97: The one who asks unnecessary questions. He treats everyone with respect however does not have enough to buy a Kamen Rider belt. He had surprised Mr.S and everyone about his photo editing skills. His favorite riders are Kamen Rider Den-O, Kabuto, and W. He tends to call everyone who has been on Cs-Toys for a year or more -sama.
  • Wheelchair 21: Founding Member of Toku Anime News and the Cripple of Personality and is the Crazy crippled of the chat who loves to make his disability one of the jokes of the chat. Usually is known to pal around with Exploding Shark and Projekt and bashing noobs and trolls. He is Rated "R" for Rolling. He is not the Tag Team Champions because he is VEGAN
  • Zeron Xepher: A Charlie "Professional" who values Style over not being a Douche-balloon.

Contains Examples of:

  • The Faceless: At the start Everyone. Mr. S got better. Negiz, winall, and okniwy all have webcams as well.
  • Idiot Ball: Immediately after the Machine Tornador review and before the Agito Trinity Form review, everyone decided to gang up on ExplodingShark and Negiz for no good reason. Mr. S. had to intervene so he could do the review without a bunch of kicking going on in the commentary bar.
  • Merchandise-Driven: It's an online retail store, of course it's going to be all about the toys.
  • Number of the Beast: DOA40 orders a toy with the order number 32666. Mr. S runs out of tape and forgets to pack invoice and card, making him have to open it again. Truly, this was the Devil's Package. He plans to get the package exorcised before he opens it.
  • The Reveal / Expecting Someone Taller: Negiz 5 surprised everyone by looking like the kid from Two and a Half Men. The older looking one.
  • Spin-Off: CSToys The Alternatives, which takes everything that isn't packing and shipping, and puts it on a new night. Also, Negiz' channel, to a much lesser extent. Whatever Okniwy is raving about doesn't count, it doesn't exist.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: The show is fond of special edition KitKat bars. Whenever there is a new one, it gets a review.


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