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Tear Jerker / The Joy of Creation: Reborn

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  • The ending. Scott Cawthon? The God of the Five Nights at Freddy's series, the one who gave it its life? He's dead.
    • There's also the incredibly selfish reason for the aforementioned character's death, which also doubles on why the animatronics are present in the house. Creation wants to steal people's bodies because he wants to keep living forever. Scott might be selected because he's the most convenient person to possess on, being his creator and all.
    • How the aforementioned meets his end. We don't know for sure, but we do hear his agonized, very painful, scream. Whatever it is, it's not pretty.
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    • Playing through the game once more becomes even more tearjerking after knowing the ending. Scott sounds so desperate in his narration, devising and figuring out the rules of the game quickly despite the ten animatronics following him with a healthy amount of Survival Mantra, all the while carrying a sliver of hope that he will meet his family again if he manages to win the animatronics' game fair and square. A hope that gets squashed as, regardless if he wins or not, Creation will never let him go.
    • A newspaper scrap you can find in one of the levels implies that Scott, or whatever creature now inhabiting his body, disappears after the house fire. His family never gets any closure of what exactly happens to him, considering that the last time he speaks to them, he's...uh, to put it midly, rather weird.
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    • When Nick is giving his Opening Narration, he hesitates mentioning his family. Specifically, his dad. Of course, when you see your beloved father disappears into the horizon, or possibly drops dead, after a brief Hope Spot of safely reuniting with him in the aftermath of horrific house fire when you're a mere 5 years old, there's no question that it would haunt someone's psyche for years.
    • Scott's death can even be seen metaphorically as the actual end the FNaF series, considering that Scott (the real-life one) had just confirmed the cancellation of the sixth game just two weeks before the Story Mode was released, at least until Scott, being his usual trolling self, dropped a surprise for all.
  • Not enough with Scott's death, are you? Well, Creation chooses to take it up a notch and murders Nick as well, after he grows up and moves back into the house where his father died, many years later. What a jackass.
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  • Val and everything that happens to her. One night, she allows a stranger to sleep inside her house and cheerfully teases her husband to get laid. The next day, her house burns down, her husband either dies or disappears, and one of her children experiences trauma about some terrifying giant machines invading their home, which she experiences herself. Then, possibly a decade after she tries to move on from the tragedy, said child dies under much the same circumstances as those happening to her husband.
  • One that again serves as a meta one for the parent franchise, in the prologue of Night 4, Nick recalls that there was a time when the FNaF series was everywhere; a lot of merchandise were produced for it, there were novels written about it, and even a rumor about a movie being made was circulated. However, in the years after it was cancelled and Scott died (or disappeared, as the public largely knows), the series swiftly faded from public memory; now a single mention would probably only generate puzzled looks. It has been completely forgotten.
    • This is however sadly the fate that most fads or memetic games would earn in the years after their release if they don't give much impression in the public. As Nick puts it, "Nothing lasts forever".
    • It seems that the FNaF series is (or was) an much more popular fad in the in-game universe than in real-life; a newspaper clipping you can find compared it to the likes of King Kong and freaking Santa Claus. Which just makes its downfall even more tragic.


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