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Headscratchers / The Joy of Creation: Reborn

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They got it backwards...
  • Is it just me, or does the "Story Mode" seem more like an "Endless Mode" and vice versa?
    • Yeah, I've heard about Nikson's trouble with making Story Mode, but in what fucking demented reality does sitting endlessly in a room and repeating a series of mechanics count as a Story Mode?
      • So... just like the main series?
    • Did I watch the same Story Mode? There's a very clear story with voice acting, and you go through a variety of gameplay mechanics unique to each room of the house.
      • There are two story modes, the one you mean, and a sort of fusion of the office and living room levels with the occasional voice line talking to you that never ends until death (I may be remembering the latter one wrong, but it's close enough to that.)
The Ignited are spirits of evil from another dimension or the spirits of the original four animatronics.
  • There's a post-night newspaper shown that claims whether you believe in spirits and that you might have physically seen yourself at some point in time, implying the Ignited (and the "Fallen") could be spirits possessed by evil spirits that aren't from even Five Nights at Freddy's itself in-universe! However, this gets sidetracked by why the Ignited (and the "Fallen") would decide to stay in the Cawthon residence in the first place.


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