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Tear Jerker / Shark Tale

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  • It's so, so sad when Frankie dies. And whenever Lenny thinks about it is sad too. Not to mention his funeral. Then Lenny swims away from home and later fakes his death. Stop thinking about Don Lino in terms of a Mob Boss and think about him as a father, which he clearly is. He's just lost both his sons to some total stranger whom he's never touched before in any way, shape, or form. Who wouldn't want vengeance?
    • During the sit down, Oscar breaks most of the tension by screwing around and scaring the crap out of the attending sharks but all of the humour disappears when Don Lino walks in. In a pretty quick shot, you can see Lino walking in behind Oscar and he looks...devastated. Not angry, or eager to get back at the guy who killed his sons (which he has the means to do now that his people kidnapped Angie), just sad. Tired and sad, like any parent would if they lost their children.
      Don Lino: And you know, that I've lived my life for my sons. Raising them, and protecting them...
    • After finding out Oscar didn't kill Frankie, Don Lino ask Lenny why he didn't returned home. He tried to but he felt guilty for Frankie's death and the fact that he was an embarrassment to the family. He even overheard his mourning father that he's ashamed of Lenny while praising Frankie.
      Lenny: You always wanted me to be like Frankie. I'll never be the shark you want me to be.
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    • After revealing to Oscar that he's a vegetarian shark, Lenny says how he wished his family would just accept him and stop trying to force him to change. At one point though, he even wishes he wasn't so different so he wouldn't be ridiculed.
  • The fact that Frankie's last word is "Moron", aimed at Lenny. It's arguably Played for Laughs, but just imagine if this was the last thing your sibling said to you before their death. Ouch.
  • Just as bad were Frankie's words when Lenny asked what would happen if he couldn't eat Oscar. Those words? "Then don't bother coming home!". Well after Frankie's funeral, Lenny (out of shame) takes him up on that.
  • Oscar's childhood flashback turns from heartwarming to tearjerker QUICKLY. He admired his father Earl's work at the Whale Wash so much he decided to bring it to show and tell for school, only for the class to cruelly mock him for what they consider a lame job. "Oscar's dad's a tongue-scrubber! Tongue-scrubber! Tongue-scrubber!" It's no wonder Oscar considers himself a nobody in adulthood. All he ever wants was to be noticed and respected.
  • Angie's heartbreak when she finds out that Oscar is going out with the shallow-but-gorgeous Lola. It's so sad.
    • It's also the fact that Oscar didn't appreciate what he already had before he became the Sharkslayer, in which he became greedy and too self-absorbed to realize that Angie was in love with him. It's only when she confesses that he realizes what a rotten person he's become.
      Oscar: At least [Lola] she treats me like I'm somebody!
      Angie: Yeah, but would she love you if you were nobody?
      Oscar: NOBODY loved me when I was nobody!
      Angie: I DID! Before the money, and before the fame. Before the lie... To me, you were a somebody, Oscar. Now you're nothing but a fake. A sham. A con. You're a joke.
      (Oscar is deeply crushed and saddened by her words)
      Oscar: [reaches out his fin] Angie...
      Angie: [rebuffs his fin, on the verge of tears] No, forget it! Just go! 'Cause I'm tired of hearing how everything you had in your life wasn't good enough - including me.
      (Oscar lowers his head in despair and sadly swims out of the warehouse, while Angie weeps)
    • As Oscar sadly swims around the reef, he sees how much his lie has affected him far more than he'd intended it to. He sees the Shorties laughing with Crazy Joe and remembers how fun the bottom of the reef was. He then looks at his penthouse and his smile quickly fades. He then sadly enters his penthouse, ignoring the party going on inside, and goes to the balcony to be alone.
      Oscar: Angie was right. I am a joke.
    • The usage of India Arie's "Get it Together" as an underscore certainly fits the scene pretty well.
  • When Oscar finds out Angie's been captured by the mob to force a sit down, he looks at her "Angie+Oscar" doodle paper. This is his big Jerkass Realization.
    Oscar: They've got Angie. And they want a sit-down. I never meant for anybody to get hurt, especially not Angie! This is all my fault.
  • After Oscar subdues Don Lino and the crowd starts cheering for him, a disappointed Angie shakes her head and begins to leave, believing he will continue to live a lie. Oscar's desperate calls to her before he finally confesses the truth really sells it.
  • The scene where Oscar meets Lola not only serves as her Establishing Character Moment, but also a Kick the Dog moment when she realizes Oscar isn't rich and leaves him while calling him a nobody.
    Lola: Look, deep down, I'm really superficial. (pulls Oscar close as if to kiss him) And don't get me wrong you're cute, but...(whispers as she pushes him away) you're a nobody.

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