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Nightmare Fuel / Shark Tale

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  • The very awkward looking CGI, which swims the dark depths of the Uncanny Valley. Many will find it very difficult to see the characters as actual characters, or only just the celebrities they're been (disturbingly) made to look like.
  • When Sykes orders Oscar to bring back his 500 clams to the race track the next day "or else." "Or Else what?", Oscar asks to which Sykes responds "the boys'll explain." As Sykes leaves his office, Ernie & Bernie suddenly smirk menacingly at Oscar, laughing maliciously, and we fade to black as they zap him.
  • That demonically angry glare Lola gives to Oscar when he confirms he's dumping her for Angie. It just gives you chills for being so sudden. She then growls "Let me explain something to you." before she mercilessly slams Oscar against the windows! Who could've seen that coming?
    • Lola then proves to be even more of a psychopath by being perfectly willing to arrange Don Lino and the Mobsharks to kidnap Angie in demand of Oscar's obedience, even gleefully threatening Angie's life in order to do so.
    Lola: You know, Sharkslayer. There's only one thing I like better than money: Revenge.
  • The moment in the climax where Oscar discovers Lenny stuck in the clamps and asks where Lino is. Lino rises up behind him and Oscar gets an appropriate Oh, Crap! look once he realizes Lino's right behind him.

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