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Tear Jerker / Far Cry 4

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  • Dr Noore's story. Once she started life as a Medical Doctor who wrote a widely circulated publication which criticized Pagan Min. He invited her to Kyrat and told her to bring along her family. Once she did he took her family hostage, humiliated her and basically press-ganged her into his drug business. Since then she's been running Gladiator Games under the vague hope that after a while she and her family can get the hell out of Kyrat. But when she finds out her family is dead, as she's got nothing to live for she kills herself, as a bitter Take That! to the audience of the arena.
  • During the ending if you choose to allow Pagan to live, he'll show Ajay about his half sister, who was murdered by his father as an act of the Golden Path. What's worse is the circumstances of her conception - Mohan sent his wife on a Honey Trap mission on Pagan, before killing the child to make an example - pretty much making the child's entire existence an act of war.
    • During that scene, there is a very humbling line coming from Pagan.
    Pagan: You know, the one and only I time I entered this place, I entered a sane man, and came this.
  • The choice between killing Amita or Sabal. They probably have it coming and will potentially become just like Pagan, but are both really believe they are right and were allies to Ajay, and when he confronts them, they both scold him for dishonoring his parents. Considering this is before the climax of the game where you either kill Pagan, placing Kyrat in the rule of the Golden Path, or inherit Kyrat and likely become a new target of the Golden Path, there's no winning in that situation.
    • Between the two, Amita's death is surprisingly sad. Whereas Sabal dies instantly from a headshot, she receives a shot to the chest. She looks shocked and hurt, and has enough time to gather up the files she was working on and sit back down at her desk before finally dying.
    • The end result of siding with either Sabal or Amita can count, as they became too extreme and indulged in their goals, to the point that it'll hurt Kyrat as much, if not more, than Pagan's regime ever did. At least you get to take a shot at whoever you sided with, but still, seeing someone you believed to be able to restore Kyrat as a leader, and see them turn into what they fought, is quite a bit of a tearjerker.
    • Bhadra gets it especially bad no matter which ending you do. Sabal raises her up as a religious entity and blatantly murders Amita's old supporters in front of her while she's forced to look on. Amita however has her "sent away" and it's heavily implied that she was murdered by the woman who was looking after her in her first introduction. The fact that she was maybe 14 at best makes this incredibly sad.
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  • Lakshmana's entry in King Min's Kyrat: "The Ministry of Social Harmony has officially named Lakshmana as a child martyr who was snatched away from the arms of her father far before her time. She will be loved and remembered forever."
  • Longinus gets one after drinking heavily, and telling Ajay the stories of each blood diamond he's retrieving. As crazy and unhinged as the character is, there's no hint of his usual bombastic demeanor as he relates them. He clearly remembers every single innocent he killed, and is genuinely haunted by the horrors he committed. The former warlord is clearly choking up as he relates his atrocities to Ajay.
  • The Lost Letters between Charlotte and Robert start out as being fairly heartwarming, and even amusing with the loving messages and banter exchanged between the two. But then take a turn for the tragic when Robert begins to learn about Shangri-La. As they go on, Robert becomes more and more obsessed with the hallucinations he has of being Kalinag, while Charlotte becomes more and more pleading with every letter for him to come home. Eventually, Robert fully takes on the identiy of Kalinag, and dismisses his life as Robert, and his love for Charlotte and the son who was born while he was in Kyrat. Charlotte's last letter is a bittersweet goodbye to the man she loved, and Robert's last letter reveals that his identities as Robert and Kalinag have become so muddled that he's lost his sense of self, and can't discern who he is anymore.

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