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Ajay Ghale

  • Not technically canon, but there's nothing stopping you from offing Amita or Sabal after the game if you don't like how they turned out in the end. Double-points if you bring a rocket-launcher to the final meeting with Pagan Min and become an Omnicidal Neutral Magnificent Bastard.
    • Unlike Sabal, Amita is reduced to a squirming Dirty Coward shamefully begging for her life if you go for the kill.
  • When you attack a poaching camp, you can let an elephant loose from it's cage, and let it do half the work.
  • The end of the first Willis mission. Ajay chases a plane that's taking off in proper James Bond style, flies after the plane using the Wingsuit, catches up, snatches a briefcase from the passenger seat, then jumps away and throws a grenade at the pilot.
  • The premise of the game one-ups Far Cry 3 with the fact that Ajay Ghale manages to bring an end not just to an island regional conflict but a twenty-year civil war in a full-fledged nation. The rebellion was on the verge of annihilation and would have been if not for Ajay's presence, only for him to bring the regime crashing down around Pagan Min's head.
    • The game Lampshades Ajay's badass capabilities by having resistance fighters and citizens talk about how he's got to be a psychopath to single-handedly massacre enemy bases. This You Bastard! moment is immediately undercut by one of the citzens pointing out that "psychopath" has done more in a few weeks than the Golden Path has done in twenty-years.
  • The escape from Pagan Min's secret prison is done high as a kite and with no equipment but what Ajay manages to assemble himself or steal. It's at this point that both Amita and Sabal stop treating Ajay like a useful tool but more like an unstoppable badass.
  • The fight against Yuma is done with a bow and arrow as well as being completely and utterly stoned. This is a common thing with Ajay as he does a great deal of his fighting high.
  • Grab a buzzer, equip the grenade launcher sidearm, crank up Ride of the Valkyries and find the nearest base.
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  • Teaming up with Hurk and going on a elephant rampage against the Royal Army. Add the fact that Hurk can pull his weight, and you make an impressive pair of Bash Brothers.

Pagan Min

  • Pagan's Establishing Character Moment - When his men shoot up a bus with Ajay on it and take survivors hostage, Pagan lands in a helicopter to scold the attack's leader, telling him there is a fine difference between "Stop the bus" and "Shoot the bus" before stabbing the man to death.
    Pagan Min: (Steps out of the helicopter and looks around. Does a Facepalm and takes a deep breath before walking up to his soldier) I distinctly remember saying, "Stop the bus." Yes, "Stop the bus." Not, "Shoot the bus." I'm very particular with my words. Stop. Shoot. Stop. Shoot. Do those words sound the same?
    Soldier: (Looking away, visibly scared) But it got out of control.
    Pagan Min: (Places his hand on the soldier's injured shoulder.) I'm sorry, I didn't hear you. What did you say?
    Soldier: It got out of control.
    Pagan Min: "Got out of control." I hate when things get out of control. (Stabs the soldier, knocking him onto the ground, and then stabs him repeatedly) You had one fucking job, and you couldn't fucking do that! (Sits down next to the dead soldier) And I've got blood on my fucking shoes.
    • When he recognises Ajay as the son of his former lover, he immediately takes Ajay under his wing, takes a selfie with him and takes him back to his palace boasting...
    "Don't worry about a thing, my boy. This will soon be behind us... and we'll be off on our grand adventure. Because I... have cleared my calendar for you! You... and I... are gonna tear shit up!"
  • In a way, the anti-climax with Pagan should you choose the negotiate ending. Pagan takes Ajay to a shrine to place his mothers ashes with the ashes of her and Pagan's daughter, all while revealing the truth about Ajay's father and half sister and even names Ajay as his heir. When Ajay exits the shrine, we are treated to Pagan's self imposed exile.
    Pagan: Actions have consequences Ajay; I'm giving you Kyrat, but I am taking the helicopter!!
  • Pagan Min managed to go from being a mid-level Triad drug-dealer to killing his father, building an army, manipulating the Kyrat Civil War (then between the Royalists and Nationalists) to installing his puppet on the throne of Kyrat. He proceeds to kill his puppet, wipe out the Royalists, and install himself as king. From petty crook to king by his own hand. Conan would be proud.


  • The battle with the Rakshasa. A monstrous and utterly frightening bird demon that lives to cause pain and destruction. You manage to kill it with nothing more than arrows and your tiger sidekick. Watching it blow up while screaming in disbelief is satisfying.

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