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Nightmare Fuel / Far Cry 4

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  • The Durgesh Prison level. Combining the terrifying heights of the Game of Thrones sky cells with the insanity of a mental asylum, Ajay has to evade a homicidal demon who is stalking him through the narrow passages and has no way of fighting back. Said demon is also fast and is near impossible to evade when it detects you.
  • The moment when you get to see how far either Amita or Sabal has slipped into insanity after the credits.
  • Some enemies use Molotov Cocktails as weapons. When you shoot these enemies, they burn to death, and will run towards you. You can run, but they will still chase you. Basically, you have to keep shooting. It's even worse if you set a honey badger on fire.
  • THE RAKSHASA. Just look at it and hear its roar...
  • The yetis. They look hideous, can take horrific damage and pound the player into the ground if necessary and if you're not fast enough when trying to flee, can easily keep up with a snowmobile.
    • The Valley of the Yetis DLC in general. To start, that absolutely lovely orange Body Horror on the yetis? It's also on the cultist's faces and and a hint about what the yeti actually are. Once you've gotten used to that, the final mission of the DLC is to destroy the "Relic" that causes the mutations... and it's not an object so much as an alien plant thing that has been "speaking" to you since you found the first cave filled with its spawn and just when you think you've killed it, Ajay apparently turns into a yeti himself. Maybe....
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  • The good news about the move to a landlocked setting? There are no sharks to worry about this time around. The bad news? Instead, the rivers and lakes of Kyrat are home to Goliath Tigerfish, or Demon Fish as they're aptly called here. They look like terrifying hellspawn, they're huge, and they're just as deadly as sharks are.
  • What about crocodiles? Crocs aren't exactly common in colder mountainous regions, so you'd be forgiven for thinking they wouldn't be in the game. You'd be wrong. They may not be as common as in Far Cry 3, but they're still here, and their unexpected nature and rarity makes it even scarier when you're minding your business at a riverbank and one of them gets you.
  • Also, black eagles. They can fly down and subject the player to a brutal pecking and scratching within split seconds. No wonder King Min's Kyrat portrays them as attacking enemies of Pagan Min.
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  • Any time Pagan Min drops his affable demeanor, it's not gonna be pretty. Case in point, after chastising one of his soldiers in the game's opening for shooting the bus instead of just stopping it, Pagan viciously stabs the man to death with a pen in a fit of rage.
  • Even with the various Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane moments and occasional Weird Science we've come to expect from the series, it's still telling that Humans Are Still The Real Monsters and fact that they can love someone completely selflessly (like Mohan Gale's commitment to creating a Kyrat where Ajay can live in peace or Min's devotion to Ishwari and their daughter) does not prevent them committing the worst atrocities possible (and sometimes even encourages them to) like Mohan murdering an infant girl and Min playing the part of the Card-Carrying Villain because he likes destroying people's lives for the rush it gives him, even admitting that his Freudian Excuse is just that: an excuse. Sure, mutants and yetis are fun to shoot, but Far Cry doesn't need to resort to inhuman monsters to fill your gun sights-we're already here.


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