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Tear Jerker / Dumb and Dumber To

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All spoilers are off for Moment sub-pages! Read at your own risk!

  • The very start of the movie begins with a Downer Beginning, with Harry visiting Lloyd at a medical institute.
    Harry: How ya doin', buddy? (holds up a paper bag) Brought ya all your favorite candies.
    (Lloyd is shown with outgrown hair and a beard while sitting on a wheelchair, while in a frozen state)
    Harry: Come on, Lloyd, you gotta get over her! Mary Samsonite was just a girl. Besides, she's married. And even if it had worked out, would you really want ginger babies? Ugh, gross.
  • This is followed by Harry telling Lloyd bad news of his own.
    Harry: Lloyd, I got something important to tell you. I can't come here anymore. I got kind of a serious medical problem. It's sort of complicated. Basically, I'm gonna be pretty busy for the next few months. Anyway... You're in good hands here. So... take care, buddy.
    Harry: Lloyd, there's something... Well, I've known about this for a while, but I didn't wanna worry you.
    Lloyd: Mmm...hmm?
    Harry: I need a kidney transplant. ... Getting a new kidney is a really big deal! There's waiting lists, lots and lots of forms to fill out, and if I can't find another kidney real soon, I'm dead meat.
  • As the duo traveled to Harry's old house, they hoped his parents could help him with his kidney donor. Unfortunately, his parents are Asian and he was adopted by him, after his parents were dead.
    Harry's father: We love you, Harry.
    Lloyd: Do you love him long time? (Harry chuckles)
    Harry's father: But you know you're not our real son, right? You adopted.
    Lloyd: Ouch. (mimics himself being hung; Harry stops him in response)
    Harry: Dad... what are you saying?
    Harry's father: Sorry, Harry. We thought you knew.
    Harry: Wow. What a nut punch.
    Lloyd: Don't be glum, Harr. All this means is that your real parents are out there somewhere. And I will go to the ends of the earth to...
    Harry's father: Real parents dead.
    Lloyd: You're boned. (pause) "James Boned". (Harry gives him a look)
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  • Almost doubles as Heartwarming: As Harry finds out he has a child from discovering through an old letter from his old girlfriend Frieda Felcher 23 years ago, Harry realizes they don't know his child's whereabouts, he faces the facts that he's lived his life enough to die.
    Harry: I've had a full life. I was a paperboy for a week, I fathered a child, I've seen every episode of Full House.
  • When Lloyd suggests they ask their old college friend Pete Stainer a.k.a. Pee-Stain for help, Pete's parents tell them he's been dead for over 23 years ago.
    Lloyd: We were just wondering if Pee-Stain wanted to come out for some suds. And maybe have his ass handed to him in a couple of games of Dig Dug.
    Mr. Stainer: Lloyd, Peter is dead.
    Lloyd: Yeah, right, since when?
    Harry: Heh-heh!
    Mr. Stainer: Since 1991. Remember?
    Harry: The motorcycle accident? But I thought he pulled through. The obituary said he was "survived by his parents".
    Mr. Stainer: No. He did not pull through.
    Lloyd: Are you sure?
    Mr. Stainer: Yes.
    (the Stainers show them a memorieum photo of Pete which is inside)
    Lloyd: Oh, yeah. You guys are right. Anyway, sorry about that whole thing. Pee-Stain and I were very close friends.
  • As Harry and Lloyd find Freida at her family's funeral parlor, Harry wondered if her daughter, who she named Fanny (later named Penny), was here so he could meet her.
    Harry: So, uh, where is she? Can I meet her?
    Freida: I gave her up for adoption.
    What? You... gave... Why?!
    Freida: Because I was broke and scared. I regretted it as soon as I did it. But it was too late. I'd already signed away all my rights. Then a couple years ago, I wrote her a letter. But she never wrote me back.
    • Later, she shows the boys her returned letter with "Do not contact again!" written on the front.
  • Lloyd has a little moment, but it's worth noting. As he realizes from the letter Penny reads, he discovers that Harry's not Penny's biological father.
    Lloyd: If she's not Harry's kid, then he can't take her kidneys.

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