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Spoilers Off for Moments sub-pages! You Have Been Warned!
You can pretty much tell that's a fake deer.
  • Harry says his parents kicked him out of the house for telling them he was gay just because he was sick of mowing the lawn.
  • Harry is genuinely shocked to find out that he's adopted... despite the fact that he's white and his parents are Asian. Harry's real parents are dead.
    Lloyd: You're boned. James Boned!
  • The guys don't immediately recognize Fraida now that she's older and less attractive than they remember her. She proves it's her with a tattoo on her backside that was a smiley face in her youth, but has since drooped to a frown.
    • She has to hold up the corners into a smile so they'll recognize her.
  • Lloyd letting Harry's cat stay with Billy in 4C, who is, of course, a bird-lover. This goes just as you'd expect, and although Billy can't see the carnage, his parrot Siskel only says "The horror".
    • The cat farting bird feathers.
  • Harry and Lloyd's uncouth behavior at the KEN Conference.
    Harry and Lloyd, in unison: Show us your tits!
    Harry: Both of 'em!
    Lloyd: Yeah!
  • As seen on the movie poster, the guys actually find their old Shaggin' Wagon! And promptly wreck it in seconds.
    • Afterwards, they drive all the way to Texas in a Zamboni. With brothel advertising! Along the way, they try to outrun a tornado and bathe in a pool of radioactive waste outside a nuclear power plant.
  • The Reveal... well, not so much the reveal, but the scene afterward. Not only is Harry not Penny's father, and not only is Lloyd not Penny's father, but they don't even understand how sex works.
    Penny: That is AWESOME!
    Lloyd: That is a good one. Totally worth it.
    • Fraida in general is just great as the Straight Woman in the whole movie, looking 100% done with the two of them right from the get-go.
  • While hanging out in Fraida's funeral parlour, the guys unknowingly drink embalming fluid.
  • Harry and Lloyd finally get to the address listed on the envelope..... spoiler: where Fraida has to explain that they're supposed to go to the other address, not the return address.
  • After Harry and Lloyd realized that neither of them were Penny's biological father, we see Penny's paternal grandparents… and Lloyd has this response:
    Lloyd: Mr. Stainer? I should have known, you HORNY OLD GOAT!!
  • Travis pours Slurpess down Harry and Lloyd's pants. And their reply, nearly blowing him to death with fireworks.
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  • Travis nearly kills Harry and Lloyd, but gets hit by a train. The lack of sound makes it even funnier!
  • Travis gets hot boxed by Lloyd and Harry as a prank. (They fart in the back of the car where he's at and put the window up.) Travis acts incredibly revolted by the smell and Lloyd and Harry leave a crack through the window for Travis to breath through leading Lloyd to joke "Hey, Harry, look! He's hooked on crack!"
  • Both times Captain Lippincott reveals his Chameleon Camouflage.
  • When Harry and Lloyd get to where Penny lives, Lloyd explains the situation with his usual tact:
    Lloyd: My friend Harry here gave his daughter up for adoption 20-somethin' years ago! And we were told this is where she lives. It's kind of a medical emergency that we find her! As long as she doesn't have AIDS!
  • And the subsequent scene, where Mr. Pichelow gets to speak to Harry:
    Mr. Pichelow: I'd always wondered what Penny's natural father was like. When my late wife and I adopted her, we weren't given much information about her birth parents. We were only told that her mother was single, and that she was...
    Adele Pichelow: You can say it, dear. She was rumored to be a titanic whore.
    Lloyd: They must be talking about the time she did the night crew on the Block Island ferry.
  • The Stinger: "Kick his ass, Sea Bass!" Then cutting to a promotion for Dumb and Dumber For; coming 2034.
  • Harry and Lloyd win the lottery, but think otherwise and throw away the ticket because the numbers aren't in the "right" order.
  • Harry daydreams on what it would have been like to be a dad. We are then shown a montage of Harry raising his daughter. We can clearly see Harry is just to dumb to be a parent as he teaches his daughter who's only a toddler to do stunts on her bike. We then see him knocking his daughter's baby tooth out with a door. We then see that a now teenage Penny has began her menstrual cycle but Harry seems more focused on his comic than his daughter being upset and once he notices what's wrong, he pulls out a cork from a wine bottle and gives it to her and finally Harry lets his daughter now an adult to go dressed up in a skimpy dress with a complete stranger.
  • The beginning of the film where Lloyd is in a mental hospital where he has stayed for two decades, but finally comes out of his shell to tell Harry who had been visiting him and changing his diapers for 20 years it was all a waste of time. Harry of course being the dumb guy he is claims that is awesome.
  • Harry talking to Lloyd on Bernard's phone thinking Lloyd is Penny.
  • Lloyd in a daydream picks up Penny from her trailer where Harry is married to Mama June and they live with Penny's grandma who speaks in a manly voice.

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