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  • So throughout the movie, Lloyd has the hots for Penny, but then loses his attraction to her once he thinks she is his daughter. So when it's revealed that Lloyd isn't the father after all, why doesn't he seem to be relieved that they're not related? Seems the shock that he had been romantically after his daughter all this time stuck with him after it was revealed that they could still be a couple without it being incest.
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  • Penny leaves her cell phone at home before leaving, Lloyd takes it with him when he and Harry go look for her, and when they arrive, Lloyd tells people to tell her to call his number. She ends up calling, and later when Lloyd proves he is her father's friend by showing that he has her cell phone she reacts as if she didn't know she had forgotten her phone ("No wonder nobody's been calling"). But then whose phone did she use when she called Lloyd? It's not the hotel's phone, or the pay phone. Stupidity aside, she should have already figured her phone was lost if she was using somebody else's cell phone.

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