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"You should see the look on your face! I got you so good!"
Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.
  • As pictured above, Lloyd pulls off his entire prank of mourning Mary Swanson for 20 years. Try naming one person that pulled one off that long.
    Harry: That's... AWESOME!
    Lloyd: I know!
  • As Harry and Lloyd drive off to meet Frieda's daughter Fanny (later named Penny), they're accompanied by Franz Ferdinand's "Right Action" playing in the background.
  • In Harry's fantasy raising Penny, one moment has her sticking a ramp jump on her bike without training wheels.
  • As Dr. Pinchelow and Adele are talking about the invention, Harry and Lloyd are making a couch fort, and somehow haven't made any noise.
  • During the duo's trip with Travis going along with them:
    • Spending the night at a hotel, Harry puts several fireworks into his room and as he lights them up, Travis runs out in flames and lands in the nearby pool, thank goodness.
    • As they continue their next day on the road to El Paso to the KEN conference, Travis discovers the duo's bag of fireworks and gets back at them by lighting on behind them and putting them in a tone deaf experience. Shame Travis dies after the hearse stops on a nearby train track.
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  • Upon finding the Mutt Cutts van, Harry and Lloyd drive it once again and pull off the iconic jump from the first movie... only for it to crash and lose its parts afterwards.
  • As Travis' brother, Captain Lippincott, joins forces with Adele, he uses his camouflage technique (which he used back at Dr. Pinchellow's estate) to sneak by a waiter and knock him out cold in one punch.
  • The climax:
    • Fraida sets off the fire alarm in the KEN conference after meeting her long lost daughter Penny for the latter to get in for her speech.
    • As the semi-antagonist has the heroes and main antagonist at gunpoint, the FBI arrives to subdue Lippincott, accompanied by a well-healthy Dr. Pinchelow.
    • Harry takes a bullet to save Penny from Adele after discovering the invention was a all a ruse.
    • Fraida punching Adele in the face. It is surely rewarding after Adele knowingly deprived Fraida of seeing her biological daughter again, as well as when she tried to shoot Penny right in front of Fraida.

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