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Tear Jerker / Dayshift at Freddy's

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When you stand by yourself, you look like the loneliest creature on earth.

While it looks like just pure comedy on the surface, Dayshift at Freddy's has a surprising level of emotional depth that stands out from other Five Nights at Freddy's fangames

Due to most of these examples appearing in the endings, spoilers will be unmarked. (These examples are in effect for Dayshift at Freddy’s 3 as well.) You have been warned.

Still a WIP

Dayshift at Freddy’s 2

  • The Happiest Day route has this in spades.
    • When tampering with Dave's Spring Bonnie suit, Phone Guy will bring up his family, saying that they're the only thing that gets him through the day. He'll show you a picture of them... except it's the Phone Guy from Colorado with his family, which you point out to him. When you do...
      Phone Guy: Employee, please... This is all I have.
    • When you confront Dave in the Saferoom, he tells you the two of you are Not So Different, and leaves you with a chilling but accurate statement:
      Dave: You're broken. You're more broken than anyone you've tried to save! You can save as many kids as you want, but you won't ever be whole again.
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    • After the end of Friday, you're treated to a cutscene showing what happened before The Real Fredbear brought Old Sport/Jack back to life, and the promise Old Sport/Jack made for him. It starts off with some all too familiar dialogue:
      The Real Fredbear: Can you hear me? I don't know if you can hear me. It's me. I'm sorry that we had to stuff you. It's just how things are around here. You know, many of us weren't always robots. Some of us were once children. But, I'm sure you already knew that. This diner is a hive of sin and corruption... and, it's spreading to other children's restaurants too. Many children have lost their lives here. That Spring Bonnie suit over there has a dead child in it. You're like them now. Dead. Your soul has left your body. Now, you're an empty shell. A husk. But... I need something from you. We're robots. We can kill William and Henry. But... It isn't enough. Killing those two murderers won't free the children's souls. The souls are misguided. Revenge can't free them. Revenge will just lead to more innocent people dying, like you did. What those souls need... the party they never got to have. Their Happiest Day. A large yellow bear robot can't organize a birthday party. We need a human. An adult who's willing to help us. If you wish to help us... I can give you life again. I can make your corpse "live" again. It won't be easy, and it won't be pretty. I can make your body "live" again, but I can't ever put your soul back into your body. You'll have to put on pounds of makeup, so people won't see your scars, or your rotting skin. Your body will begin to rot, and you'll no longer resemble a person anymore. People won't consider you as a human either. You'll be one of us. But, don't stop, don't ever stop. They must see their Happiest Day. You're the only person capable of saving them. Get as many different jobs as you can. Change your name constantly. Never stop coming back. You must always come back. Do good, show the children kindness and give them the party they never got to have. Once I give you life, you won't be able to stop until you free everyone who's waiting to be freed. Can you do this for us? I need you to promise that you'll save everyone. Please. Make the world brand new.
      Old Sport/Jack: I P R O M I S E
      The Real Fredbear: Thank you. Good luck, nightguard. R I S E
      (Old Sport/Jack crawls out of the Fredbear suit and the cutscene ends)
      • What makes this even more tearjerking is if you were to not to go through with the promise and get a different ending.
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    • On Saturday, Phone guy asks you what you plan on doing for the future now that you no longer have to work at Freddy's anymore. You can tell him that you're just going to get a job at another Freddy's location, which he doesn't seem to understand.
      Phone Guy: W-What? You're just gonna go and get a job at another Freddy's location? I swear, (Player), I'll never understand that. You're finally free, after a year of slavery... and you'd just come back, willingly? The other locations aren't any better, y'know. They're just like this one. Sure, the robots may a little different in every joint. But, no matter what... You'll see death. Dead nightguards... dead children... You'll see the same excuses, each and every time. More managers... ...who are all just like me... For the first time, there's nothing forcing you to come back to Freddy's. Why don't you just run, and never come back? I would.
      Old Sport/Jack: I don't have anywhere else to go.
      Phone Guy: Oh, (Player)... I'm so sorry. I sometimes forget you're so lonely. Y'know, I can see it in your eyes. Even when you're in a suit, I can see it. There's something about the way that you stand. When you stand by yourself, you look like the loneliest creature on earth.
    • There's a little bit more he has to say if you're pursuing the Perfect ending.
      Phone Guy: Anyway... I've been thinking about that conversation we had a few nights ago, when you were rigging Dave's suit. I shared a weird memory with you, do you remember? About the guy named Peter getting springtrapped in the Rat suit? Well, since that talk of ours... Tons of other strange memories have been flooding into my head. All of them from this "Peter" guy's perspective. It's weird, but... they seem more real than some of my memories here at Freddy's. And they all take place in the 1970's, or before. ...I've been remembering all sorts of things. Peter's surname is Kennedy. He had a wife named Caroline. And a son too, who's probably around 15, by now. For some reason, I can remember the little things too. Peter's favourite food, his dog's name, even where he lived. He lived up in Colorado, just outside of Denver. I- I think I'm done chasing the pot at the end of the fake rainbow. When my shift ends, I'm going home, to Peter's house. It... just feels right, y'know?
      • What makes this even sadder is if you look at it from Caroline's perspective. Her husband disappears out of the blue, and considering the shadiness of Fazbender's, they probably didn't tell her what happened to him. Meanwhile, Peter is made into this game's Phone Guy and has no memory of Caroline, so even if she knew he was alive, he wouldn't recognize her at first (Though it seems that his memory would be jogged eventually if a memory of his life as Peter is brought up to him, making this less tearjerking).
      • Something even worse is that this is true for every Phone Guy in any Freddy's establishment (Except for the Colorado Phone Guy, as all their Fake Memories seem to belong to him).
    • The final scene is probably the most emotional scene in the series, both with joy and with sadness, with Old Sport/Jack apologizing to all the spirits for everything Fazbender corporation has put them through.
      Old Sport/Jack: On behalf of Fazbender entertainment... ...We're sorry. We're sorry that we were the reason... ...that none of you got to grow up... that none of you got to return home... and that your parents... never got to find out what you all became. And I'm so sorry... that I had a part in all of this... for that... we're sincerely sorry.
      Puppet: (Player)... we wish that you could follow us, but... we're going to a place only souls can go. I'm sorry, but... we're going to have to leave you here.
      Old Sport/Jack: I understand. Goodbye Puppet.
  • The Perfect Ending's epilogue. Jack (What you need to name Old Sport/Jack in order to fill the first criteria of this ending) goes to the Kennedy residence, with the saddest look on his face (the one that provides the page image). Peter (Phone Guy) asks him why he's there at the current hour, and Jack tells him that he has nowhere else to go.
    Peter: Jack? What are you doing here?
    Jack: I have nowhere else to go, Peter.
    Peter: Oh... I see, yes... It's a miserable night out. You really shouldn't go back outside. I mean, look at you! You're soaked! You really oughta warm up. Have you met my wife, Caroline? Caroline, this is Jack.
    Caroline: Ohhhh... So this is the Jack you never stop talking about.
    Peter: Jack, why don't you join me and Caroline over on the couch?
    Jack: I- I'd like that Peter... I'd like that a lot.
  • While the Happiest Day/Perfect endings are Tearjerking in a Heartwarming way, The Pure Evil ending is Tearjerking in a Nightmarish way.
    • If you choose to go through with killing the children (Which by itself is tearjerking) and killing Jimbo For the Evulz, Phone Guy chews you out in his office. While it's mostly nightmarish due to his Tranquil Fury, it starts to get really depressing once he brings up what the parents are going through.
      Phone Guy: 10 parents are going to wake up on Christmas morning this year. They're gonna walk downstairs, to their living rooms. And you know what they're gonna see? Unopened presents, under their Christmas trees. Those presents will never be opened. Those presents won't ever be touched. That's where they'll stay. Under the Christmas tree. Stagnant and untouched... those presents will remain still and dead. Doesn't that sound familiar?
      Old Sport/Jack: Fine, fine, I get it.
      Phone Guy: No, I don't think you do. Unlike you, employee... I had to meet those 10 parents. I had to look them in the eyes, and lie to them. I had to tell them that there's still hope that their kids can be found. I had to resist the urge to tell them to look inside the robots. So that they could see their kids again, one last time...
      Phone Guy: Did you even find out what those five children's names were? I did. I've been hearing those names nonstop for the last three days. Those parents know what happened to their kids. There's been 2 funerals so far. I attended the both of them. They lowered empty caskets into the ground. You and Dave didn't even leave them anything to bury.
    • After beating Phone Guy in a fight on the last day, he realizes that you won't stop until you see him dead, so he begs you to kill him. You're just about to until Dave intervenes. At that point, Phone Guy decides to switch gears and pleads Dave to get rid of you, not for his sake, but for Dave's.
      Phone Guy: Dave, I'm warning you... It's only a matter of time before you're next.
    • When you defeat The Great Fredbear after venomously telling him how much of a failure he is, Fredbear asks if this is what the kids would have wanted.
      Old Sport/Jack: No. Of course they wouldn't have wanted this. But... I do
      (Old Sport/Jack kills Fredbear)
      • The ending gets even sadder if you look at it from Fredbear's perspective. The very man he brought back to life, the very man who promised to save William and Henry's victims, betrayed his trust, killed 10 more kids note , and then told him that he was a complete and utter failure as a protector and that it's all his fault that the kids are dead, because he brought Old Sport/Jack back to life. What he says strikes Fredbear so hard that his defense drops to zero and he loses the will to fight. Poor, poor Fredbear.
    • The terrified look Dave has on his face after you kill The Great Fredbear. Even if he's a child murderer, he's shocked that you could kill what he calls "the very concept of childhood" so remorselessly.
      Dave: Wow, old sport... I know we killed a fuckton of children together... but, I think you just killed the fuckin' concept of childhood.
  • The "Almost a Happy Ending" ending. Basically, if you fail to defeat Davetrap in the Happiest Day route, he continues going on his rampage. The final screen is a gravestone with Phone Guy's head in front of it, with the phone handle part of his head broken.
  • The Abandoned ending. You fill all the criteria for the Happiest Day route, but you don't attend the final day. Shadow Doggo appears and expresses his disappointment in you.
    Shadow Doggo: What are you doing? So, this is it, is it? You really disappointed me. I had faith in us. You made a promise to Fredbear. You and him a deal together. Fine. I hope you enjoy the life you've created for everyone. Goodbye, (Player).

Dayshift at Freddy’s 3

  • The “True” Ending is this and bittersweet.
    • After you defeat Henry, everyone on your team is freed, and can all go to their Happiest Day.... except for you. Everyone thanks you and says goodbye, except for Dave. You tell him that you can’t join them in the after life. When Dave is heartbroken that you can’t join them, you give him your soul, so that he didn’t have to be alone anymore. Dave says goodbye and you’re returned from the flipside, in your burning pizzeria. You see The Real Fredbear, you nod at him, and you die happy knowing that everyone can finally rest.
  • Dave’s goodbye and you giving your soul to him is both heartwarming and tearjerking.
    • The final shot with the graves of the five main characters is both sad and relieving at the same time. A satisfying end to a good series.


  • According to a Reddit AMA, DirectDoggo has said that the endings to DSaF 3 are supposed to be even more emotional than DSaF 2's endings. Link here
    DirectDoggo: If the bad ending of DSaF 2 made you cry, I'd avoid the bad ending of DSaF 3, heh heh... Same for the respective good endings.
  • On the Game Jolt page for DSaF 3, it turns out he's dedicating the game to his friend Jess, as she's currently fighting a battle with lymphatic cancer.
    DirectDoggo: This game is dedicated to my friend, Jess, who is currently suffering from stage 4 lymphatic cancer. If you appreciate me, or any of the work I've done on GJ thus far, please donate to (or spread the fuck out of):

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