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Tabletop Game / Mystery Date (1965)
aka: Mystery Date

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Dress appropriately to solve this mystery.

A game where the players move their pieces around the board, with the goal of completing a clothing ensemble, each for a different type of date. Players win when they have all the pieces of an outfit, and it matches the random date when the door piece is opened.

The clothing pieces are drawn from a stack of cards, while spaces on the board tell players how many cards to draw, or swap some with other players.

The game was initially released by Milton Bradley in 1965, with an update in the early 1970s. Renewed interest in The '90s got further updates, and a rerelease of the "Classic" form of the game.

See Mystery Date (1991) for the (unrelated) film.


Provides Examples Of:

  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Each ensemble has a different color. Such as the dance outfit has pink cards, and the winter sports (skiing, skating, or snowboarding) outfit has blue cards.
  • Dances and Balls: One of the dates is to a formal dance or to the prom (depending on the version).
  • Everything's Better with Sparkles: The cover on the initial release shows the girls surrounded by sparkles, and the dance dress sparkles on its own.
  • High-Class Gloves: The formal dance girl wears white gloves as part of the ensemble.
  • Pink Means Feminine:
    • Pink is the main color for the board, and the borders of the classic edition boxes.
    • The classic formal dance dress is pink.
  • Plot Coupon: The cards represent a piece of an outfit ensemble. By getting a full set (and choosing a specific one if multiple sets are in a hand), a player wins if the ensemble fits with the date when the door is opened.
  • Pretty in Mink: The classic release shows a few furs, to fit the suburban middle class affluence look.
    • One of the formal dance outfit items is a fur wrap.
    • The ski jacket is a fancy parka with a fur-trimmed hood.
  • Themed Stock Board Game: One of the releases is based on High School Musical, and another is based on High School Musical 3.
  • Updated Re-release: The first release was in The '60s. Then it got a release where the outfits were updated for The '70s. Then there were a couple releases around the Turn of the Millennium.
  • Whammy: If a player opens the door and the date is a "dud", the player has to discard the three cards for the ensemble she declared before opening.

Alternative Title(s): Mystery Date