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  • DC Comics
  • Marvel Comics
    • Diego is described as having abs that make Captain America look like a slacker.
    • Zane has a stack of X-Men comics on his bookshelf.
    • Spider-Man
      • Zane also has a stack of these comics as well
      • When the Jorogumo is using her webs to swing around, Zane thinks to himself that her moves would make Spider-Man proud.
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    • Zane also references The Mighty Thor during his conversation with Susanoo.
      "Whomsoever lifts this sword, if he be worthy."
  • Zane compares the house he grew up in, which is Bigger on the Inside and can make more rooms when needed, to the TARDIS.
  • Zane seems to be quite a fan of J. R. R. Tolkien. He owns a battered copy of The Hobbit, and no matter how many times she tells him to stop, Kora can't seem to get him to stop quoting Gandalf.
    • While we're not shown which book it is, when we first meet Sarah she is reading a book set in Middle-Earth.
    • Zane calling Tobias, Legolas, after the latter's archery demonstration.
  • To The Hunger Games's archer protagnist, Katniss, Zane's apology to Tobias when the kitsune gets annoyed at being called Legolas.
    Zane: Right, sorry. Nice shooting, Katniss.
  • Though he gets cut off, Zane uses what could have been his last words to make a reference to Predator
    Zane: You are one ugly mother—!
  • Many of the items in the Vault would seem to be this, including:
  • Some mages try to get out of cleaning duty by animating some brooms to do the work instead. Guess what happens next?
  • A werewolf named Stark with an affinity for ice and snow.
  • Zane's access code for the warp gates is NCC-1701.


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