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Shout Out / Everlasting Summer

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Everlasting Summer contains many shout outs to various Russian Image Boards:

General image board shout outs:

  • Semyon, while a real Russian name, is also Russian image board slang for "same person."

Shout outs from IIchan:

  • Lena based on IIchan mascot Unyl-tan (Despair-tan).
  • Yulya based on IIchan mascot YuVAO-tan.
  • Olga Dmitrievna based on IIchan founder and administrator Mod-tan.
  • Viola based on IIchan-created Collider-sama.
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  • "Bus 410" is IIchan meme for a bus going to the Hell.
  • At the very beginning of the game, on Semyon's computer, his browser is open to a IIchan thread. (The thread in question is titled "Stephanie thread." A photo of said character is also clearly visible.)
  • Genda statue is a double shout-out: one part is rather obvious, the other is infamous IIchan namefag.

Shout outs from 2ch:

  • Alisa based on 2ch mascot 2ch-tan.
  • Slavya based on 2ch mascot Slavya-tan.
  • Ulyana based on 2ch mascot USSR-tan. (Also, Ulyanov is a real last name of Vladimir Lenin.)
  • Zhenya based on 2ch-created Mithgirl, a Rule 63 of Mithgol the Webmaster (a rather infamous and bizarre Russian blogger.) His altered portrait can be seen on her cabin's wall.


Other shout outs:


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