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Trivia / Everlasting Summer

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  • Fan Community Nickname: "Letosphere" is commonly used to refer to the fan community in general.
  • Fan Nickname: To fans who cannot easily remember the title of the "A Lone Pioneer's Story" DLC, they just call it "Zhenya DLC" or "Zhenya's route" because she's the spotlight character of that storyline.
  • Troubled Production: There was an epic amount of drama during the development of the game, with the original character designer (who was one of the project original initiators and introduced most of the characteristic Soviet style) angrily leaving the project midways citing Creative Differences with the scriptwriter, being but one of the scandals that surrounded it. In the Russian Internet the development team even acquired a number of ironically disparaging nicknames like "Damned Assholes" or "Ero Gays".note 
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  • What Could Have Been: Before the scriptwriting for the game disintegrated in the drama wars between the developers, one of the originally probed ideas for the script was essentially a horror game based on Reality Warping Mind Screw — the vestiges of which remain in the Miku route.

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