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Nightmare Fuel / Everlasting Summer

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You'd think a story about a group of teenagers in a camp are purely made up of comedy and romance? Think again, this visual novel has its fair share of dark surprising turns.

  • Miku's (aka Masha's) route starts with a humorous, Affectionate Parody of the game's setting as used for a film, then descends into a Dream Within a Dream sequence that devolves into a downright terrifying Nightmare.
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  • Semyon's unromanced route, in which he is constantly haunted by a sinister Evil Counterpart of himself who has gone insane from endless repetitions of the Sovyonok cycle and who implies he has done horrible things to several iterations of his camp on the basis that they're not real so he has carte blanche to do as he likes with them.
  • Yulya's route features two major moments.
  • Almost all of Lena's Bad End, up to and including the end credits, which scroll over an image of Semyon committing suicide by slashing his wrists in the bathtub and sporting a disturbing Slasher Smile, while a screeching, dissonant song plays.
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  • The mine labyrinth itself is rather unnerving. It's really grim, has a whole lot of identical turns, you don't have a map or any guidance and the BGM is a dark ambient tune aptly named "Sunny Day". Fortunately, you can get through it quickly by the simple rule of always picking the same side to turn.


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