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Nightmare Fuel / Exit/Corners

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  • The first chapter begins with the dawning realization of the Contestants that they need to escape from the hotel that they are trapped in, or else face being killed if they do not complete all of the puzzles in time. The chapter then ends with Ink suddenly coughing up blood, complete with a shot of his hand being covered in red, and an expression of Ink's shocked face.
  • The time-limit is not the only danger the Contestants have to worry about, they are also faced with several traps placed all around the hotel. One could face being trapped in a small elevator slowly filling with water, or be trapped inside a boiler room where the room temperature is getting higher and higher by the second. The traps placed in each Contestant's 'Corners' are no less terrifying, and are also appears to be designed to cause the most physical and mental trauma to their respective Contestants, to the point where they contemplate suicide to escape the pain.
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  • Ink's episode where a room appears to have be torn into two, slowly filling the screen with a faint radio static and loud distorted noises. While the 'tear' in the walls grows bigger and bigger, Ink suffers a panic attack and begs his Contact Sean to help him all the while.
  • The second 'Corner' poses a bigger threat than the first. While the first one involved pushing Beth to remain inside her 'Corner' and be suffocated with laughing-gas, she was still able to escape of her own volition. Rae in his own 'Corner' has no such luck. His arm ends up trapped inside a device during a puzzle made for him, where the device then sets off a trap to deliver excruciating pain to Rae every twelve minutes, until he cannot take anymore and considers swallowing pills of potassium cyanide to end his suffering.
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  • Liza's predicament, if one closely examines her actions in the game. Having lost the ability to see at four years-old after a bad accident, Liza grew up blind. Suddenly at the age of eighteen she is kidnapped and wakes up in a run-down hotel, having suddenly gained the ability to see. Before she can even marvel in joy, she is threatened into silence by the same person who kidnapped her, threatening that she will be blind again if speaks of it to the other Contestants, who she will soon meet once Exit/Corners begins. Her kidnapper also mentions off-handedly that someone among the Contestants should not be trusted and may wish to do her harm, and the only person she can trust is her own father via her Gemini device, who struggles to find and rescue his daughter from a death-trap that threatens to kill everyone inside if they do not escape in time.
  • Chapter 24: The Death Trap in Liza's Corner. Everyone (sans Rae) is trapped inside the room behind the Black Door that is slowly being filled with poison gas, and the only way out is to have one person stay behind and keep their hand on a scanner that will open the exit if it detects a pulse. Unless someone can find a loophole, at least one Contestant has to stay behind to keep everyone else alive.
    • And then come Chapter 25, and after a long and agonizing search for an escape from this predicament, Sean ultimately decides to stay behind. Ink is forced to leave with everyone and abandon his only friend to die a slow death.
    • The implied intent for the mirror in Liza's Corner. Had Liza stayed behind as she had volunteered in Chapter 25, her last memory before she perished would have be looking at the mirror and seeing her face being disfigured by the poison gas. Considering how much Liza had wanted to see what she looked like after having lost her sight at a young age, and then inexplicably regaining her sight again upon her inclusion in the hotel, Sent had wanted to destroy Liza's last memory of what her face looked like by scarring her face instead before she perished.
  • The circumstances around Beth's death in Chapter 23 implying that she may have been murdered by a fellow contestant, if she wasn't killed by Sent.
    • As of Chapter 25, Sent is likely not the culprit, as the murder weapon (a painting frame) was locked in the bathroom with an non-electronic door. Because Sent is an AI, he cannot open or close non-electronic doors. This can only mean that either Aether, Rae, Liza, Tiana, Sean, or even Ink himself, could be the culprit behind Beth's murder.

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