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  • Fridge Brilliance: Chapter 19's puzzle uses the same type of solution as Chapter 1's puzzle. Since you have two newcomers in the party, this allows them to get acclimated to the "game" by giving them a puzzle that the old guard can walk them through.
  • I Knew It!: Quite a large portion of this game's following cottoned on to the fact that Liza is, or rather WAS blind before the start of the game quite a long while before it was officially confirmed.
    • Similarly, the nature of Exit Corners was predicted about halfway through the first arc, or a little under a third of the way through the game's release.
  • Jerkass Woobie:
    • Rae becomes this after having his arm cut off to save his life upon being trapped in his Corner, sending him into a state of shock and despondency. It is telling when even Liza sympathizes with him and defends him from Sent's jeers and taunts over his predicament.
    • Liza is also revealed to be this as of Chapter 22, as she is forced by Sent to keep her newfound sight a secret from the other Contestants, lest she find herself living her life blind again, which she discovers as Sent temporarily robs her sight in Chapter 4 from inside an elevator she was in. She was also told by Sent that someone among the Contestants may wish to do her harm, hence the highly defensive and paranoid attitude Liza exhibits throughout the game.
  • Moment of Awesome:
    • Ink succeeds in convincing the group that there is no traitor among them by simply asking Aether to hit him in the middle of his conversation in Chapter 7, revealing that the distraction was big enough to reveal that Sent's 'pre-recordings' are in fact live feeds.
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    • Beth succeeds in saving Rae from his death trap via amputation in a manner of minutes by making good use of her medical knowledge and strength to cut Rae's trapped arm with a sword.
    • Ink, and the player as well, can also succeed in guessing that Liza had once lost her sight but is now able to see as of entering Exit/Corners, especially if no hints were used beforehand during the Chapter 22 puzzle.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Liza, who was considered a somewhat unpopular character due to her initially hostile, selfish, and unhelpful attitude. After her backstory and disability were revealed in Chapter 22, she began improving her attitude, becoming more co-operative as the story goes on, and showing sympathy towards Rae after the horrific events in Chapter 17, she has notably become the most popular of the cast by far.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • Ink discovering that Beth has died at the end of Chapter 22.
    • Liza seeing her own face for the first time in Chapter 24, since she was blinded at the age of 4, and had miraculously regained her sight in her stay at the Four Elements Hotel. She doesn't express joy upon seeing her face again, but instead shows discomfort and uncertainty towards her reflection, convinced that her reflection doesn't belong to her at all.
    • The realization in Chapter 24 that one of the Contestants inside a trapped room (the Black Corner) will need to be left behind to die, in order for everyone else to escape. Unless a miracle happens, there's no other alternative but to let one person die, especially after Beth having also died two chapters ago.
    • And come Chapter 25, Liza discovers the hidden message that was meant for her to read, learns that her father has decided to close down his company even though Liza had wanted to inherit it her whole life, and learns that her cure for her blindness is a only temporary effect, which Sent will revoke once Liza escapes from the Four Elements Hotel. Feeling that she has nothing else to live for, Liza volunteers to stay behind...only for Sean to ultimately make his decision for her instead. Ink is now forced to leave his best and only friend behind to die in the Black Corner. Right afterwards, Ink discovers enough evidence to suggest that Beth wasn't murdered by Sent, but by another Contestant.

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