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An Australian drama that debuted in 1981, A Country Practice was the tale of the residents in the small town of Wandin Valley, New South Wales. The vast majority of episodes would be based around one of the three main locations: the vet’s practice, the pub or the hospital, the last being the basis for the name of the show. The series ended in 1993.

The show had a large cast of well-known Australian actors and started the careers of a great many actors and actresses of today.

This show contains examples of:

  • The City vs. the Country: Simon is a newly qualified doctor from the city. All of his family are doctors in impressive places like London and Harvard.
  • Escaped Animal Rampage: A Wedding Episode two-parter airing around 1988 had several goats escape from a pick-up truck following a near-miss. Most were recaptured, but one goat provided to be difficult, and a farmer attempts to tranquilize him. He accidently shoots the priest intending to minster the wedding, in the butt. The goat makes it to a local pub and eats the wedding cake before finally being recaptured.
  • Potty Emergency: In the episode "Heroes And Villains" Terrance and Rosemary are stuck in an elevator in a hotel for several hours, during which time Rosemary is desperate to relieve herself after having drunk too much champagne. After 4 hours of being stuck, Rosemary decides she can't wait any longer and prepares to relieve herself in the corner of the elevator(something which Terrence remarks she should have done four hours previously). Just as she prepares to do this, the elevator doors open and her and Terrence are confronted by hotel staff and a group of reporters with cameras. They subsequently film Rosemary's dash to the hotel washroom and her accidentally entering the gents washroom by mistake.
  • Scout-Out: Little Jessie is an ersatz Brownie/Girl Guide
  • Call-Back: The Season 12 episode "Every Move You Make" has a scene with Terence having a birthday celebration at the pub. Some past characters are mentioned, from whom he received birthday cards from, these were from Matt, Lucy and James (who departed earlier in season 12), Anne Brennan (the former hospital Director of Nursing who departed in Season 11, along with Dr Cris Kouros and his daughter Jessie) and Brendan and Chloe Jones (who departed in Season 6).