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Screams Like A Little Girl / Literature

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  • Apachito in A Coffin Full Of Dollars. Notably when he sees a lion come charging towards him, although a declawed, dishevelled and not very dangerous lion.
  • Bernard Cornwell likes this trope. One French Giant Mook gives a "weirdly high-pitched scream" when Sharpe stabs him in the balls with a broken telescope. Sharpe's sergeant, Pat Harper likes to do this, although this is because he is imitating ancient Irish heroes like Cu Chulainn. Plenty of redshirts do this, and one Big Bad plans to do this to another Cornwell hero, Uhtred of Bebbanburg:
    Kjartan the Cruel: Now is not the time to make you scream like a woman.
  • Doctor Who Expanded Universe: Eighth Doctor Adventures:
    • Played rather seriously in The Book of the Still. A Mind Control device is injected into the Doctor's brain by a guy called Svadhisthana. Quite understandably, the Doctor screams, which Svadhisthana's crony finds funny. The reader probably won't, because, come on, you'd scream like a little girl too if there was a needle in your brain.
    Svadhisthana and a needle. Pain in the base of his skull, a hot lance into the centre of his mind.
    Darlow's gutter laugh. "Screams like a girl."
    • And deployed strategically in Frontier Worlds when yet another mad scientist tries to vivisect him:
    The Doctor let out a piercingly shrill scream. Hed had a number of travelling companions who used to do much the same thing, and he was pleased with the effect it had now. For added effect, he fluttered his hands at the extremes of their restraints.
  • The Dresden Files:
  • Whenever the protagonist in John Dies at the End screams, he tries to convince the reader that each of his screams were not at all girly and very manly.
  • The Martian: Astronaut Mark Watney breaks several ribs during a high-gee launch, and then has to be extracted from his ship.
    Mark: I didn't want to distract the people who were saving my life, so I muted my mic and screamed like a little girl.
    It's true, you know. In space, no one can hear you scream like a little girl.