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Screams Like A Little Girl / Live-Action Films

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Now THIS is a man-scream!

  • A scene from the 1984's Silent Night, Deadly Night demonstrates how a man screaming like this can turn horror into Narm.
  • Likewise in Night of the Lepus.
    RiffTrax: Now THAT'S how you scream like a little girl!
  • As the Godzilla franchise proves, even kaiju are capable of this
  • Home Alone
    • Marv (Daniel Stern's character) screams like a woman when he gets a tarantula put on his face by Kevin in the first movie and when he's attacked by birds in the second.
    • In the third movie, the only one that didn't feature Kevin as the protagonist and Marv as the antagonist, we have this Groin Attack scene; it's more like singing than screaming, really.
  • Maybe that's just the way Daniel Stern screams, as it also shows up in City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold
  • In an ironic exception, Ichabod Crane from Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow does practically everything like a little girl except scream.
  • And, conversely, the heroine of Raiders of the Lost Ark lets loose a series of decidedly tomboyish screams when she's trapped in the Well of Souls — and, ironically, while wearing a lacy white gown.
    • A more conventional example happens near the end of the film: of all the Nazis who end up victim of God's vengeance, Toht, the ColdBloodedTorturer, screams in a very high pitch and in a very female tone. That is, before his head melts off.
  • When trapped in a laboratory with Count Dracula and Frankenstein's monster in Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, Lou Costello screams like a girl... twice.
  • Accepted has Jonah Hill screaming like a little girl upon finding a corpse: "It would be really cool if you guys didn't tell anyone I scream like that..."
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000 movies:
    • Arguably the best moment in the excellent episode Space Mutiny was the big finale where the hero, Dave Ryder, emits an enraged one of these just before calmly hopping out of the "space buggy" he's about to ram into the bad guy.
    • Earlier...
    Ryder: (surprisingly high-pitched scream)
    Mike: (high-pitched voice) Who took my purse?!
    • Reb Brown again, in Yor: The Hunter from the Future.
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    • And, heck, Reb Brown in any testosterone-fueled action film. He makes it work.
  • Meanwhile, in another MST3K experiment, female wrestler Rita Martinez in Racket Girls screams a lot, but averts the trope, sounding like a Screaming Warrior.
  • Transformers
    • Glen has this reaction when the FBI come calling to his home in the first film - right after having seen classified material given to him by Maggie
    • When attacked by Alice in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, the first thing Sam does when he gets his breath back is to scream. Then scream some more. Then scramble out of the room, screaming. Understandable though, under the circumstances.
    • Sam has another absolutely hilarious one during the highway chase of the next sequel, Dark of the Moon. During the chase, one of the Decepticons deliberately topples over a truck carrying construction pipes, right in front of Bumblebee (who has Sam inside him). In order to avoid getting hit, Bumblebee transforms, jumps over the truck whilst throwing Sam over it as well, then grabs him in mid-air before they hit the ground, and transforms back into vehicle form whilst putting Sam back into a perfectly seated position. Sam, having gone through the entire transformation process whilst inside Bumblebee, freaks out as soon as he's back in his seat.
    • Speaking of the Transformers films, the Stanley Tucci character, Joshua Joyce lets off a rather high-pitched scream when Grimlock roars right in front of him in the climax of Age of Extinction.
  • When running from a series of explosions and gunplay in The Fifth Element, radio host Ruby Rhod screams incessantly like a little girl through several minutes of scenes.
    • This is one of the things Chris Tucker is known for. He does that in the Rush Hour films as well.
  • In What's New Pussycat?, Woody Allen is getting cozy with Romy Schneider at his grubby little artist's garret — he produces a cigarette and suavely lights it — and burns his finger. He excuses himself, gets up and rushes to the bathroom, pulls shut a flimsy curtain to close it off, and lets out a shrill girly scream (causing her to jump) — he emerges a moment later with an insouciant swagger.
  • The Lord of the Rings: Merry and Pippin stole Gandalf's best firework and light it prematurely — while inside a tent. When it actually goes off, Pip lets out the girliest scream you can imagine. Billy Boyd didn't know that the thing was actually going to explode, so the scream is real. Also, according to the commentary, during said scene, Boyd wet himself, earning the amusing nickname "Pissylegs".
  • Fans love Stargate Atlantis actor David Hewlett's scream, and it makes for great comedy several times in his movie A Dog's Breakfast.
  • Averted and then Invoked in the film version of Spawn. After Al realizes that he's been dead for five years, he lets out a primal scream. The Violator then says "Aww, c'mon! You scream like a little girl! Scream like a man! Here, like this!" and then lets out a very shrill, high-pitched, feminine shriek.
  • Near the end of Rear Window, when Mr. Thorwald throws Jeff out the window a woman's scream is dubbed over his as he falls.
  • Eli Sunday in There Will Be Blood, particularly when he's getting slapped around by Daniel.
  • In Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, when Harry gets electro-tortured his screams are remarkably high-pitched (although it's somewhat justified considering the part of his body that is being shocked). This comes off as either hilariously funny or disturbing, depending on how screwed up you are.
  • In a particular The Three Stooges short set during the Civil War, in order to get rid of a couple of Confederate soldiers, Curly sneaks up on them and puts ants in their clothes, and the two soldiers fled scooting their butts on the ground and screaming like little girls. It's much more hilarious when you actually see it.
  • Ben Stiller in the zipper incident in There's Something About Mary. The policeman arrives saying that someone "... heard a girl's scream."
  • Wesley Gibson (played by James McAvoy) spends about 20 minutes in the beginning of Wanted doing just this after Fox (Angelina Jolie) takes him on a wild car chase.
  • A Scary Black Man Giant Mook gives one of these right before he dies in Transporter 2.
  • Van Pelt, the villain of Jumanji, is pretty much prone to this trope. He's launched on a boat at high speed into a wall, literally!
  • In Hidalgo when the raiders attack the Sheik's tent, the jailer is busy trying to take off Frank's cuffs while the Sheik fights off the raiders. He winds up cleaving one of their heads clean off and it lands in front of Frank and the jailer, who then shrieks at the top of his lungs and takes off running.
  • Adhar Ru'afo did this in Star Trek: Insurrection, when he learns that he is in the holodeck ship and the collector is deactivated.
  • Done by Ash in Evil Dead 2 when a Deadite pops through the floor of the room he's trapped in. Lampshaded in the commentary where Bruce Campbell explains how Sam Raimi directed him: "Alright, scream like a woman, 'cause you've screamed like a man for so much."
  • Both the peasants in The Hidden Fortress, but especially Tahei, played by Minoru Chiaki, who in his movies was capable of some very Stan Laurel-esque shrieking. When they're climbing up a rocky slope, Matashichi grabs Tahei's leg, and Tahei shakes him off, giving the highest shriek possible.
  • Venom (2018): When the Venom symbiote first tries talking to its host Eddie through his reflection, Eddie lets loose a high-pitched shriek, jumps backwards, and knocks himself out against the bathtub wall — an ignominious beginning to a strong partnership.


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