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  • In Dogs Don't Talk, Ben says that he's surprised to learn that Emily watches reality TV, as he'd thought she only liked Downton Abbey. Emily replies, "I do like Downton Abbey. But I like junk shows."

Live-Action Television

  • Community: "Biology 101" mentions a Cougartown spin-off named Cougarton Abbey. It apparently ended after six episodes with a Mass Suicide.
  • Modern Family: In "Disneyland", Cam accidentally pronounces Toontown as "Toonton".

Western Animation

  • Bob's Burgers: "Zero Larp Thirty" has Bob and Linda attend a Larp based on Winthorpe Manor, an American knockoff, as mentioned by Tina.
    Tina: Winthorpe Manor is the American Downton Abbey.
    Gene: I thought that was Mike & Molly.
  • The Simpsons
    • In "Dangers on a Train", Marge is a big fan of Upton Rectory.
    • One of the rehab centers advertised on The Stinger of "Screenless" is named Downton Rehabby.

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