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Drinking Game / Downton Abbey

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  • Sip every time:
    • Thomas and O'Brien are jerks for no apparent reason.
    • Sybil says/does something that pisses off her parents.
    • Violet and/or Cora fight(s) with Isobel.
    • Mary reacts adversely to not getting her way.
    • Edith hits on whoever comes to dinner.
    • Mary gets hit on by whoever comes to dinner.
    • Anna hits on Bates.
    • Mrs. Patmore is verbally abusive toward Daisy.
      • Two sips if she verbally abuses anyone else on staff.
    • Robert, Carson or Mrs. Hughes finds out that Thomas or O'Brien has done something bad.
      • Two sips if they've tried to pin whatever it is on someone else.
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    • Bates is cryptic about his past.
    • Daisy needs someone to explain to her AGAIN that:
      • Thomas isn't interested (Season 1).
      • She did the right thing by marrying William (Season 2).
      • She can't keep her father-in-law to herself (series 6)
    • Ethel acts too big for her britches.
    • Someone says something about the war "changing everything."
    • Mr. Carson breaks up or disapproves of some tomfoolery.
    • Violet gets snarky. Any more than a sip, and you'll need an ambulance.

  • Take a shot every time:
    • We are reminded that Bates is disabled.
    • Thomas and O'Brien go out for Evil Smoking.
    • The family ignores or insults Edith.
    • Cora and Robert are cute together (if watching Season 1).
    • Cora and Robert get in a stupid argument (if watching Season 2).
    • Cora and Robert have fluffy moments (if watching Season 3, 4 or 5)
    • Robert puts his foot in it (again).
    • Violet lets off a good one-liner.
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    • Matthew and Mary have UST.
    • Someone has a moment of happiness that is destroyed by the end of the episode.
      • Take a bonus shot if that person is Bates.
      • Take two if that person is Anna.
      • Take three if it's both.
      • Take FOUR if it's Edith.
    • The Pamuk incident is brought up.
    • Lavinia and Mary have a heart-to-heart.
    • Edith is shown driving.
    • Sir Richard does something manipulative.
    • Anna/Bates, Mary/Matthew, or Sybil/Branson have an Almost Kiss.
    • Mrs. Pattmore gives wise advise that would resolve conflict but is ignored.

  • Finish your drink and pour yourself a new one every time:
    • Edith and Mary try to ruin each other's lives.
    • Vera Bates tries to ruin her husband's life.
    • A historical event factors into the storyline.
    • Dr. Clarkson is wrong about something.
    • Someone demonstrates a technological innovation and Violet reacts with horror.
    • Yet another character turns out to be a Matthew/Mary Shipper on Deck.
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    • Someone is nice to Daisy.
    • O'Brien or Thomas is shown to have a heart after all.
    • Anna/Bates, Mary/Matthew or Sybil/Branson have an actual kiss.
    • Someone mopes.
    • If something incredibly bad and life ruining happens to Edith.

We are not responsible for the state of your liver at the end of the game.


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