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Nightmare Fuel / Downton Abbey

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    Series 1 
  • Cora’s miscarriage, courtesy of O’Brien. Granted, we don’t see her fall, but we can only imagine how bad it must have been for her to lose the baby!
  • In the time period Kemal was clearly seen as dishonorable. Today, he'd be considered an outright sexual predator. The real horror hits when Mary continues to refer to him as her "lover."

    Series 2 
  • Any of the battle sequences. They’re incredibly loud and chaotic, giving the feel as if the audience were really in the trenches during WWI

    Series 3 
  • Sybil's death from eclampsia is horrifying, made all the more so by how fast it is.

    Series 4 
  • Anna’s rape at the hands of Mr. Green.

    Series 5 
  • A bit of Fridge Horror, but what would have happened to Edith if Thomas hadn’t noticed the smoke coming from under her door?

    Series 6 
  • The scene where Robert's stomach ulcer bursts and he ends up projectile vomiting blood at the dinner table before collapsing. He honestly thinks he may well be dying.

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