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Melly O Hara is an author and coffee addict. Their fandom-related works are on FanFiction and Archive of Our Own - but they have also published one novel, Nathaniel Keene. They are a diehard fan of Moana, and are currently working on an epic series starring Māui, Te Fiti, a variety of Original Characters/mythological figures, and (eventually) Tamatoa. They've also begun one story for The Almighty Johnsons - it's currently one chapter in.


Original Work:

"A Walk in Whitechapel"

"Chutney Sandwiches"

"The Hunting Trip"

Check out the list of tropes found in their book (as well as a link to purchase it!) at Nathaniel Keene

Fandom Works:

Moana: "Shiny Heart" (Archive of Our Own link) or (FanFiction link)

The Almighty Johnsons: "Deus Ex Machina" (Archive of Our Own link) or (FanFiction link)


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