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Comic Strips

  • Pearls Before Swine:
    • One storyline has Rat creating a comic strip called "Bildert", and despite how glaringly obvious it is that he's just plagarizing Dilbert, he denies it, coming up with such excuses as Bildert having four lumps of hair while Dilbert has five and that the reason why Bilder's tie points up like Dilbert's is because it's windy where Bildert lives. He winds up getting sued by Scott Adams.
    • Another storyline has Rat finding out that Dilbert includes a character who happens to be a rat named Ratbert. Assuming that the character is a ripoff and holds him hostage until he tells him the name of his creator. Then he takes a bulldozer to the fence in front of Scott Adams' house, only for a horrified Goat to tell him that Ratbert preceded him by at least ten years.
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  • Sherman's Lagoon: One storyline has Sherman write a comic strip based on his own experiences called "Norman's Lagoon". Hawthorne ends up cancelling the strip because he doesn't think folks want to read a comic strip about fish every day, so Sherman reinvents it as a comic strip about inter-office politics and corporate America featuring characters named "Shermbert", "Crabbert", and "Turtlebert".
  • Off the Mark:
  • Foxtrot had a series of strips in which Roger and Andy discuss the success of Dilbert and speculate on how it occurred, with each strip then facetiously aping a proposed reason in the final panel.

Live-Action Television

  • NewsRadio: In "Review", Matthew reads Dilbert for the first time and becomes obsessed with it. He thinks he's stumbled onto the next big thing and badgers Dave to do a story on it; and when Dave refuses, Matthew quits and goes to work on the coffee shop downstairs. Dave gets someone to pretend to be Scott Adams and convince Matthew to return. (The real Scott Adams has a cameo as an irate customer at the coffee shop.)

Western Animation

  • The Simpsons: In "I Don't Wanna Know Why the Caged Bird Sings", among the rides at a fair is "Dilbert's Flying Cubicle".

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