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  • The PHB's epic moment of revenge for his secretary's plotting: here.
    • Chalk up another for the PHB.
    • Honesty.
    • Speaking of honesty...
    • This strip, in which he successfully convinces Alice to fudge the numbers on a report despite her having her redo the report while drunk. He gets his coal accomplished while Alice feels job satisfaction for the first time.
    • Owning Dilbert
  • Catbert.
  • Future Wally: here.
    • Present Wally: here
      • This one is especially awesome when you remember that the Boss once played the exact same trick on Dilbert, who freaked out. Wally turns the tables on the Boss without even trying.
    • Once, a sadist tried to insult Wally by telling him he was worthless and overpaid. His reply was "Thank you".
    • Another one for Wally: in one strip the Boss hands out a box of donuts, one of which contains a memo that fires whoever gets it. Cut to Dilbert and Wally leaving the meeting room:
      Dilbert: "How was your donut?"
      Wally: "The first two were great. The third was papery."
    • One more for Wally, coupled with a nice moment of Laser-Guided Karma for Catbert.
  • Alice also gets a few
    • Followed quickly by Asok
  • And of course, Dilbert
  • In the animated Series: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin as a court judge!
  • In one strip, Dilbert unwisely volunteers to host a meeting at his house. His coworkers spend the entire time criticizing and trashing the place, then as they drive off, Dogbert walks in:
    Dogbert: "I wondered if I was ever going to get to use my 'cops are wusses' bumper stickers."
  • In the first episode of the animated series, a dry cleaners run by a very rude couple stands in the way of Dilbert's project. Dogbert advises him to let nature take its course. The dry cleaners is rubble within minutes.
    Dilbert: "How long will that take?"
    Dogbert: "Not long. I'm part of nature."