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Drinking Game / Dilbert

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Take a shot when...

  • Someone goes "Gaa!"
  • Dogbert talks about taking over the world.
    • Add another shot if he succeeds, and a third when he inevitably gives up his power because Victory Is Boring.
  • The Catbert header appears.
  • Dilbert invents something. Add a second shot if the Pointy-Haired Boss takes credit for it.
  • The garbageman appears.
  • Alice punches or otherwise injures someone.
  • Wally comes up with a way to avoid work that's actually more effort than working would be.
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  • Topper says "That's nothing! I (insert topping statement here)"
  • A new one-shot character appears that's not Ted, The Generic Guy.
  • Carol makes an attempt to kill off the PHB.
  • Dilbert strikes out on a date.
  • Dogbert swindles someone. Add another shot if the PHB is his victim. Add a third shot if it involves Dogbert working for the company as a consultant.
  • The company introduces a policy that backfires against its own bottom line.

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