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Film -- Live-Action

  • Elf: Near the beginning of the film, among the toys that they elves are making are several Bob the Builder dolls.


  • In Shtum, Jonah wears Bob the Builder pyjamas that are too small for him.

Live-Action TV

  • The Big Bang Theory: It's revealed in the episode "The Gates Excitation" that Howard and Bernadette watch the show with their kids.
  • The George Lopez Show: At one point in the episode "This Old Casa", George sarcastically calls Ernie "Bob the Builder".

Web Video

Western Animation

  • The Cleveland Show: In "Like a Boss", Cleveland decides to be ruthless in pursuing a promotion at work, just like Bob the Builder before his morning coffee. What follows is a cutaway showing a building inspector refusing a bribe by Bob, only to be struck and killed with a hammer. Bob then has his vehicle friends build a garage over the top of the body.
  • MAD:
    • In "Mouse M.D.", one of Mickey Mouse's patients is Bob, who has smashed his thumb with a hammer.
      Bob: Can we fix it?!
      Mickey: Actually, no. We're gonna have to amputate.
    • The skit "Destroy, Bob the Builder Destroy" is a crossover between this show and Destroy Build Destroy, with a horrified Bob and his friends getting caught up in the antics of Andrew W.K.
  • Robot Chicken:
    • "More Chocolate, More Blood" features a sketch in which Bob runs afoul of the Union, as he was a scab brought in during a strike, and the Union representatives claim Bob doesn't have the right tools (namely a talking briefcase full of $100 bills). The Union reps soon realize they made a grave mistake, as they're subjected to a Curb-Stomp Battle involving Bob drilling through one of their skulls, as well as Spud bashing the same guy with a shovel, then bashing the other goon (Bob stops him...and gives him safety goggles before letting him continue), and the Union boss is run over by Roley. The two goons are then buried in a mass grave by Scoop, and Spud gets his nose back (the Union boss had torn it off to shove up his ass, saying "Hope you like smelling what you ate!", but Pilchard mauls him before he can do the deed).
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    • A sketch from "Garbage Sushi" features Bob deporting Handy Manny because he sees Manny's birthright citizenship as a problem, and wanted to monopolize Sheetrock Hills' construction industry, starting with an immigration detention center out of sheer greed.

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