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Tear Jerker / Bob the Builder

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Bob: Can we fix it?!
Lofty: No, I don't think so Bob. Not this time...
— Mega Machines
As fun as the show makes being a builder look, it's still very hard. And not because of the work, it's when things go badly that hurt the most.

Original Series

  • Basically any instance when a character is crying on screen. The scenes depicted in the page image are as follows.
    • Center: A Christmas To Remember: Bob finding out that his twin brother, Tom, won't be able to visit him for Christmas.
    • Top Left: Lofty To The Rescue: Lofty feeling like he can't help anyone because of his fear of heights after Spud insulted him.
    • Top Right: Wendy's Busy Day: Dizzy getting stuck in wet concrete, crying for help.
    • Bottom Left: Pilchard In A Pickle: Wendy is upset after believing that Pilchard has gotten lost.
    • Bottom Right: Snowed Under: After Scoop got angry at the rest of the team for messing things up, he told them all to leave so he could work on the Ice Rink alone. When he tries to do it himself, he completely ruins it. That's when he realizes how horrible he was to them.

2015 Series

  • Mega Machines: Bob and the team sign on to build a dam for Spring City. At first, things are going well, being just another job for them, but on a much bigger scale. However, Conrad sabotages the concrete mix, resulting in the dam being too weak to hold all the water. Even when Bob and his team manage to save the day by diverting the resulting flood away from Spring City, they're all incredibly demoralized to see all their hard work in ruin. This prompts the page quote.

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