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This is the recap page for Ultraman Mebius, the 2006 entry of the Ultraman franchise created "commemorating 40 years of Ultraman". It returned to to the original Showa universe (Ultraman through Ultraman 80), telling the story of the first Ultra to be sent to Earth in twenty-five years as he learns of his predecessors' legacies and takes on the form of a young man named Mirai Hibino to forge friendships with humans and become a hero worthy of the name Ultraman. It ran from April 8, 2006 to March 31, 2007 with a total of 50 episodes, as well as a movie and three specials called Gaidens.


Beware of spoilers!


  1. A Fateful Encounter: Mirai/Mebius arrives to an Earth where monsters haven't been seen for twenty-five years. When one appears, Mirai and Ryu Aihara of defense crew GUYS have their first battle, and in the rampage, four civilians — medical student Teppei Kuze, motorcyclist Marina Kazama, preschool teacher Konomi Amagai, and Spanish League soccer player George Ikaruga — have a chance meeting.

  2. Our Wings: Mirai and a new captain named Shingo Sakomizu join GUYS alongside Ryu, the sole surviving crewman after Dinozaur's defeat. Mirai also recruits Marina, George, Konomi, and Teppei, feeling they have the right heart for the job. Ryu is skeptical but lets them help with GUYS' new plane Gun Phoenix. However, these four are the only help available when the monster Gudon returns.

  3. Only One Life: As Teppei, George, Konomi, and Marina adjust to their new jobs as GUYS officers, unsure about their decisions, the monster Birdon reappears. In the ensuing battle, Mebius is wounded by Birdon. Now the new team has to figure out the monster's weakness and the purpose of Mebius' Colour Timer, realizing in the process what it means for them in their new jobs as Ultraman's allies.

  4. Broken Bonds: GUYS has just developed Maquette Monsters, duplicates of previous monsters to assist in battle as part of their technology program METEOR. Their new first choice is Miclas, but the creature is much too cowardly and will only obey Konomi. But when Konomi's timidity leads to a disastrous first fight for Miclas against a vicious new monster, she begins to question her place in GUYS.

  5. Reverse Shot: George gets into a conflict with the rest of GUYS when his "lone wolf" nature goes badly against the returning monster Sadorah, leading him to consider quitting GUYS. While Mirai and Marina try to convince George to stay, Ryu believes he has seen his late hero and previous GUYS captain Kazuya Serizawa alive. What does it have to do with an eerie lady in white sighted by Mirai?

  6. Two from the Deep Sea: GUYS is left baffled at the appearance of an armored blue Ultraman while against Sadorah, and even moreso when footage of a sinister monster devouring Sadorah is recorded. At the same time, Ryu, Marina, and Mirai are sent under the sea to investigate what appears to be a massive egg being incubated by mysterious forces. There, the mystery of the two beings deepens.

  7. Fanton’s Lost Item: Aliens from the planet Fanton request GUYS' assistance in finding a marvelous foodstuff called C-PIN 929 that they had lost when their spaceship was attacked by something. As GUYS conducts their search, Ryu runs into Captain Serizawa again and finds that his mentor no longer recognizes him, but is intent on tracking down the monster disguised as the mysterious lady in white.

  8. Terrible Predator: Mirai delves further into the mystery of the two beings — the warrior in Captain Serizawa's form known as Hunter Knight Tsurugi and the rapacious monster called Bogal — and their motives while Ryu is troubled by the fact that Captain Seriawa is no longer the man he knew. Meanwhile, an error in GUYS' electricity upgrade to Miclas has an unexpected but adorable side effect.

  9. Armor of Vengeance: Mirai discovers that Hunter Knight Tsurugi seeks to destroy Bogal to avenge a planet he failed to protect, and the armored and vengeful warrior is not going to let anything stop him, especially not Ultraman Mebius and GUYS. However, Bogal has been consuming more monsters to transform herself into a living bomb, meaning that destroying her could wipe out all of Japan!

  10. Pride of GUYS: GUYS has constructed a plan to destroy Bogal without casualties by luring her to an island and containing the explosion with a force field. However, they'll also have to consider Mebius and Tsurugi's involvement by allowing for a temporary gap in the barrier. Meanwhile, Mebius must convince Tsurugi that fulfilling his vengeance against Bogal cannot come at the cost of human lives.

  11. Mother’s Miracle: Bogal has been defeated, but Tsurugi is now dying. Mebius brings him back to the Land of Light in hopes that the Ultra Mother will be somehow able to restore him and free him from his vengeful armor. Meanwhile, GUYS has managed to defeat a second Dinozaur, only for a totally new monster to spawn from its corpse. Will Tsurugi return redeemed and help GUYS save the day?

  12. The First Errand: GUYS' bumbling adjutant Toriyama has to deliver canisters containing Grotecell (used by Alien Grotes to create Kodaigon in Ultraman Jack's time). However, he loses one canister in a river. Not wanting to get into trouble with Captain Sakomizu, he brings Mirai, Konomi, and Teppei on a secret mission to find the chemical before it animates another object into a monster.

  13. Marina of the Wind: Marina takes a day off to hang out in the countryside with some old friends from her motorcycling days. However, the monster Mukadender has reappeared in their area and begins to relentlessly terrorize the group. But even during the monster's rampage, Marina has opportunities to talk a bit about her new job and the lovable oddballs she now works with.

  14. One Path: Teppei hasn't yet told his over-worrying mother about his part-time job at GUYS and is desperate for his teammates to help him keep it a secret when she grows suspicious of his appearance on TV after GUYS defeats an insectoid monster. Meanwhile, Adjutant Toriyama is acting strangely, which nobody realizes is the work of the late monster's larva parasitizing him.

  15. Phoenix Stronghold: Ryu almost crashes Gun Phoenix in battle while activating its METEOR — the result of refusing to listen to Chief Mechanic Araiso's warnings that the plane's incomplete maintenance meant its systems were unstable. While Captain Sakomizu speaks to Ryu about GUYS' true stronghold, Mirai learns about Araiso's long and passionate history with the fighter jets of previous teams.

  16. The Swordsman from Space: The Oshima Comet is on a collision course with Earth and only GUYS stands in the way of a potential cataclysm! What GUYS doesn't realize is that the comet is being guided by an alien samurai named Zamusha, who seeks to avenge his defeat at the hands of Tsurugi. However, Zamusha doesn't know that Tsurugi has abandoned his past and is now Ultraman Hikari.

  17. Formation of Our Vows: Ryu is unhappy that although Captain Serizawa is back as Ultraman Hikari, his hero and mentor seems to show no interest in reuniting with him and joining GUYS again. As Mirai tries to convince Serizawa to fulfill Ryu's wishes, he learns Hikari will be leaving Earth soon. Meanwhile, GUYS has its hands full with the return of the regenerating monster Salamandoras.

  18. Pressure on Ultraman: Ultraman Hikari's departure is troubling Mirai because GUYS has learned that the monster Bemstar — a creature that could not be defeated by one Ultraman all alone — has reappeared and is making its way to Earth. At the same time, Ryu is frustrated at Mebius' recently distanced attitude, making Mirai feel that that his friends don't accept him as an ally anymore.

  19. The Lonely Grandstander: GUYS has just developed the METEOR Shot, a firearm that uses METEOR and can fire three mentally-guided shots at once (though humans can guide only one). So when three of the same monsters appear and are unharmed by any attacks, George says he can take out the monsters with the METEOR Shot's triple-firing. However, the rest of the team is skeptical of his claim.

  20. The Chief Inspector’s Message: Adjutant Toriyama hates being bossed by the Chief Inspector's assistant Yuki Misaki, feeling that the Chief Inspector's constant absence is insulting. So he sends his secretary Maru in his place to see the testing of a new monster-controlling device with Misaki. There, Maru believes Misaki will meet the Chief Inspector and tries to find the enigmatic leader.

  21. A Call from Space: GUYS gets a distress message when a portal to the Monster Graveyard mysteriously opens up above Earth. The team heads in to investigate the source, tracking it to the wreckage of a Mars delivery ship called Arandas. Inside the ship, they learn the caller is a mysterious but long-dead young man named Hiroto Ban and encounter Bogal's human-sized offspring, the Lesser Bogals.

  22. Days of Future: Returning from the Monster Graveyard, GUYS does some research on Hiroto Ban and learn that he was born on a Mars mining colony (thus no images of him exist on Earth) but vanished hours before Ultraman Mebius' first appearance. Meanwhile, Mirai, Captain Sakomizu, and Misaki meet up with Hiroto's father, revealing the tragic origins behind Mebius' choice to become Mirai Hibino.

  23. The Ocean Waves of Time: Marina and a man named Torii investigate disappearances caused by the sound of ocean waves far from the sea. It turns out the culprit is a time-warping monster that transports the two to the summer Marina's grandfather passed away, where she only remembers dreaming of an albino peacock. In the process, Marina learns the origins of her courage and its connections to Torii.

  24. The Resurrection of Yapool: During a GUYS festival, Mirai is tormented by the wicked Yapool warning him of his return. The warnings come true when blood rains from the sky and Ryu is pulled into Yapool's Dimension by a Choju. When Ryu returns, his body is now that of Yapool, who uses it to sabotage GUYS' latest project while only Mirai can do nothing except hear the evil entity's taunts.

  25. Program of the Poisonous Moth: GUYS is now at war with Yapool and his Choju, so they hire the quirky and attractive genius Dr. Asami Fujisawa to create a METEOR that will seal off Yapool's Dimension from Earth. While George is smitten by Dr. Fujisawa and eagerly protects her and her work from the enemy, Yapool revives the Choju Doragory to prevent the METEOR's completion.

  26. Soaring to Tomorrow: GUYS' war against Yapool's Choju enters its final phase as Dr. Fujisawa completes the Dimensional Dissolver. To use it, they'll need to use their Phoenix Nest base's flight mode for the first time. But when Sakomizu (the only one besides Misaki with the flight activation code) is gravely wounded in a Choju attack, Misaki must prove her authority in this critical time.

  27. Champion of Fierce Fighting: After the defeat of Yapool, GUYS has decided that they'll need more Maquette Monsters. Fortunately, Adjutant Toriyama has brought a large case for them to examine. After much contemplation over old foes, the team settles with a Maquette Zetton. However, Zetton goes rogue in the testing, and now Mebius must face the most formidable foe of the original Ultraman.

  28. Konomi’s Treasure: When GUYS is looking into sightings of a red ghost around the base, Konomi runs into a childhood friend named Suzaki, who gave her a precious gift when she first got her glasses. As the two have a night out, the rest of GUYS finds out that Suzaki is now a down-on-his-luck actor working with the unscrupulous journalist Mitsuhiko Hirukawa to create a scandal around GUYS.

  29. Day of Farewell: Mirai has received orders to return to M78 as a great danger to be dealt with by a more experienced Ultraman is coming to Earth. The saddened Mirai prepares to say his goodbyes to his friends at GUYS, which spurs Ryu into trying to find out why Mirai has to go. So when an enormous and nigh-unstoppable robot sent by sinister forces attacks, Mirai will have to reveal the truth.

  30. Flames of Promise: Mirai has revealed his secret identity to Ryu and been defeated by Imperiser! Fortunately, Ultraman Taro has managed to temporarily subdue the robot, giving GUYS time to find a way to permanently destroy Imperiser. Meanwhile, Ryu decides to ask Mirai why Ultramen protect Earth. However, they'll still need to convince Mirai's superiors to let Mebius stay on Earth.

  31. The Hopes of Comrades: Mirai has revealed the truth to the rest of his friends and destroyed Imperiser with a new power, Burning Brave Mode! However, a new Flying Saucer Beast has appeared and it seems to have been sent by the same forces that sent Imperiser. As for Mirai, he is left wondering how he was able to unlock his new power. Also, GUYS celebrates Captain Sakomizu's birthday.

  32. The Monster Master’s Legacy: When an alien spacecraft appears, Mirai and Ryu are sent to negotiate with the pilot — an Alien Mates named Beo who has come to fulfill the first one's hopes of forming friendly relations with Earth. But Ryu attacks Beo out of distrust, so the alien decides to punish humanity for the prejudice that led to the death of the previous Alien Mates — his father.

  33. Lady of the Blue Flame: Teppei falls in love with a girl named Misa who has been possessed by an alien entity. It soon turns out the creature is the returning monster Femigon, but unlike the first Femigon, killing this one will also kill Misa! Now, GUYS faces a serious dilemma as Teppei doesn't want Mirai to kill Femigon, but also has no clue about how to get the monster out of Misa.

  34. The Man without a Home: When Mebius is unable to defeat an alien whose skin deflects all beam attacks, Ultraman Leo comes to Earth to test Mebius. Leo finds the rookie hero wanting and declares that if Mebius wants to remain protector of Earth, he must defeat the reflective alien. So Mirai sets to work training himself to discover the technique that will bypass the alien's shield-like body.

  35. Azure Waves of Light and Shadow: Hunter Knight Tsurugi reappears in Tokyo, destroying buildings. GUYS knows that the Tsurugi must be an impostor and soon run into a returning Ultraman Hikari, who explains that it is actually a reappearing Babalou using Tsurugi's bad reputation to his advantage. Now, Ultraman Hikari must confront the sins of his past and prove himself as a hero to humanity.

  36. Mirai’s Younger Sister: During a monster attack, Mirai meets an alien disguised as a schoolgirl named Kako, who tells GUYS that she is Mirai's sister. GUYS doesn't fall for it but Mirai explains that calling somebody a sibling is a huge compliment in the Land of Light, so they decide to give Kako a warm Earth welcome. However, Adjutant Toriyama and Maru are extremely suspicious of Kako.

  37. Father’s Return: Japan is holding a festival celebrating the Ultra Father and everyone is hoping the Supreme Commander of the Space Garrison will make a personal appearance. Mirai visits the celebration and meets a boy named Kouki, who is unhappy that his father can't come with him to the festival. However, a wicked three-faced alien appears to ruin the holiday and turns Mebius into gold.

  38. Isana of the Ocean: GUYS is pursuing a monster able to glide through the seas and skies at supersonic speed when they encounter a member of GUYS Ocean named Hiroshi Isana. Isana agrees to help them defeat the monster, but GUYS needs to be careful not to spoil Mirai's secret identity around him. Meanwhile, Konomi learns about Isana's past as Chief Mechanic Araiso's apprentice.

  39. The Invincible Mother: Mother of six and GUYS lunchlady Sayuri Hinode is killed when she rescues a boy from being hit by a car. However, she comes back to life after a mysterious alien merges with her on a deal that if she helps him with a mission, she can see her children again. However, the extraterrestrial's intentions remain unknown to GUYS, and even Sayuri doesn't know what's going on.

  40. Lonely Paradise: Mirai encounters a lonely, miserable schoolgirl named Naoko, who feels that nobody loves her, and runs into a flower-headed man that attacks him. At the same time, GUYS is investigating disappearances related to sightings of the plant-men, but they don't realize the beings are enticing depressed and lonely victims with promises of paradise — and Naoko has been targeted.

  41. Teacher’s Memories: The grown-up class of Takeshi Yamato are holding a reunion at Sakuragaoka Middle School, which is to be demolished, and are hoping Ultraman 80 will come due to a report of his appearance on Earth and the knowledge that he is Takeshi Yamato. However, 80 cannot and wants Mebius to break the news to his former students, but Mirai can't bring himself to do so.

  42. A Visit from an Old Friend: GUYS' head, Supreme Chairman Takenaka, comes to Phoenix Nest to speak to Captain Sakomizu. In private, Sakomizu recounts his youth as a Science Patrol officer, his encounter with Zoffy, and why he is actually older than he looks. Meanwhile, GUYS is baffled by the sudden reappearances of Gomora and Red King, which they don't realize marks the beginning of the end.

  43. Threat of Mebius Killer: Yapool has united with three evil aliens to form the Four Heavenly Kings — generals of the dark forces behind Imperiser! While GUYS pursues the Space-Time Emitter that has been attracting monsters and aliens to Japan for years, Yapool sends a new Ace Killer after Mirai, who is with Aya (who happens to be Takenaka's granddaughter) on a "date" and followed by Hirukawa.

  44. Ace’s Wish: GUYS is trapped in Phoenix Nest Flight Mode on the Moon by the Space-Time Emitter while Mirai, Aya, and Hirukawa are put in Yapool's Dimension! As GUYS struggles to vanquish the Space-Time Emitter and the Choju Lunatyx, Yapool tries to destroy Mirai's faith in humanity and friendship through Hirukawa's selfishness. Can Ultraman Ace give our heroes what they need to save the day?

  45. Deathrem’s Plan: Deathrem, the second Heavenly King, tries to break humans' trust in Ultramen by trapping Phoenix Nest in a force field disguised as an explosion to enrage the public. Everyone is furious, but they grow angrier when they learn GUYS is still alive, feeling Mirai cares more about his teammates than the safety of the public. Can Ultraman Jack help Mirai rebuild human-Ultra relations?

  46. Immortal Grozam: The third Heavenly King, Grozam, imprisons Mebius in a crucifix of ice to crush hope and courage, leaving GUYS unable to bypass his regenerative body. Worse, Konomi, Marina, and Misaki are the only ones not in hospital after the Deathrem encounter. But with a little help from Dr. Fujisawa and Ultraseven, the girls might be able to save Mirai and show humanity's strength.

  47. Mephilas’ Game: The final Heavenly King is none other than Mephilas, who targets what Mirai loves most — his friends! Sure enough, Mirai finds himself in a world where Mephilas is the protector of Earth and Mebius is the enemy, turning even GUYS against him. Meanwhile, the original Ultraman watches his old enemy's every move. Will Ultraman let Mirai die at the hands of his cherished friends?

  48. Final Trilogy Pt. 1 – Advent of the Emperor: Empera, the dark lord himself, arrives at Earth with thirteen Imperisers placed at major cities. He decrees to humanity that they must banish Ultraman Mebius from Earth or be annihilated. In this critical time, the Chief Inspector must appear to give the world the courage to both defy the Emperor and continue supporting their longtime protectors.

  49. Final Trilogy Pt. 2 – Dark Clouds of Despair: Furious at the human race's refusal to kneel to him and give up on their hero, Empera smothers the Sun in darkness and proceeds with ravaging Earth, leaving GUYS completely powerless against the power of the emperor and his Imperisers. Not even the returns of Ultraman Hikari, Zamusha, Kako, and the Fantons may be enough to turn the tide!

  50. Final Trilogy Pt. 3 – Words from the Heart: Mebius and Hikari's battle against Empera goes from bad to worse when Mebius is completely vaporized by the dark lord's Rezolium Ray. With all hope seemingly lost in Earth's final battle, GUYS has entered its darkest hour. But when faced with the direst threat the world has known, GUYS' long-built friendship will become their greatest strength.

Movie and Gaidens

  • Ultraman Mebius and the Ultra Brothers: Mirai visits Kobe to investigate strange energy signatures with marine biologist Aya Jinguji. There, he encounters Ultraman, Ultraseven, Ultraman Jack, and Ultraman Ace in human forms and a boy named Takato who has lost his courage. As he fights an alien alliance trying to awaken something off the coast, Mebius will learn the meaning of the title "Ultraman".

  • Hikari Saga Pt. 1 - Tragedy on Aarb: The origins of Hunter Knight Tsurugi unfold as a blue Ultraman scientist visits the utopian planet Aarb, meets the legendary Ultraman King, and faces his own failure to save the people of Aarb from Bogal. From there, his own self-loathing and the anger of the deceased spirits of Aarb create the vengeance-hungry warrior who comes to Earth after Bogal.

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  • Hikari Saga Pt. 2 - Test of a Hero: When Ultraman Hikari leaves Earth, he runs into Bemstar and tussles with the space monster. But in the middle of their battle on a desolate asteroid, Zoffy appears to ask the blue Ultra why a scientist like him is fighting so valiantly despite not being in the Space Garrison. And with this request, Hikari must prove himself worthy of being a true Ultra Warrior.

  • Hikari Saga Pt. 3 - Return of the Light: Hikari receives a message from Mebius to meet him at the ruins of Aarb. Naturally, it turns out to be a deception from the wicked Babalou, who seeks to imprison Hikari and cause chaos on Earth with his stolen form. However, Hikari will learn that although he may no longer be Tsurugi, the spirits of Aarb are still ready to support him in battle.

  • Armour of Darkness Pt. 1 - Destructive Legacy: It's been many months since Empera’s defeat and Mebius’ departure from Earth. Ryu is now captain of GUYS and the rest of the team have gone back to their old jobs. But when a mysterious fireball of darkness engulfs Ryu and new recruit Harusaki, it becomes clear that the emperor had one last trick up his sleeve — one that will reunite old friends.

  • Armour of Darkness Pt. 2 - The Wicked Immortal Armour: Mirai, Ryu, Marina, George, Konomi, and Teppei are back together again! They have discovered that the living suit of armor Armored Darkness has taken over Ultraman Hikari to carry out Empera’s revenge. Now the team has to find a way to free Hikari before Armored Darkness’ sphere of fiery shadow can make a catastrophic collision with Earth.

  • Ghost Rebirth Pt. 1 - Graveyard of Darkness: In the prequel to Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends, the 4 Heavenly Kings are resurrected and capture Ultraman Ace, Taro, and Hikari in the Monster Graveyard, demanding that Mebius retrieve the mythic Giga-Battlenizer from the Graveyard's depths as exchange. On the way, Mebius encounters an amnesiac cyborg warrior called Mecha-Zam.

  • Ghost Rebirth Pt. 2 - The Emperor's Resurrection: Mebius and Mecha-Zam retrieve the Giga-Battlenizer at the cost of the latter's life, but as promised, Mebius brings the weapon to the 4 Heavenly Kings (taking Mecha-Zam's body along). However, the Kings break their exchange promise and use it for their true intentions — ones that will reveal the dark purpose behind Mecha-Zam's origins.

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