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  • Black Comedy with the battle between Mebius and Dinozaur in Episode 1 "A Fateful Encounter". The triumphant music, cheering crowds, and powerful moves by Mebius are juxtaposed against the inexperienced warrior accidentally causing a massive amount of collateral damage by ducking behind buildings as a shield and not blocking projectiles that wound up slicing the tops of skyscrapers behind him. By the end just as the crowds are cheering for his victory and Mebius stands tall and victorious, Ryu manages to get his attention by pointing out a bit of problem in his victory.
    Ryu: "BASTARD!"
    Mebius: *pauses and visibly double takes, wondering who is shouting at him*
    Ryu: "What kind of screwed up fighting style was that?! Just look around you!"
    Mebius: "...." *camera shows he's surrounded by smoking and damaged buildings*
    Ryu: "You call yourself Ultraman?! You didn't protect a damn thing!"
  • The first appearance of Lim-Eleking in Episode 8 "Terrible Predator". Everyone is freaked out by its sudden appearance on Captain Sakomizu's shoulders except Konomi, who immediately grabs it and begins cuddling it like a baby, while Toriyama and George demand her to get rid of it. It's both hilarious and adorable.
    • Lim-Eleking's reappearance eating the electricity in the mess hall. George attempts to stop it only to be electrocuted. He spends the rest of the episode in a dazed state.
    • Another Lim. Eleking appears in the same scene at the GUYS meeting room, where it freaks out Toriyama and Sakomizu. Sakomizu can be seen holding onto his coffee machine dearly as the tiny Eleking feeds off electricity.
  • Episode 20 "The Chief Inspector's Message" sees GUYS testing out their monster-controlling machine on making him dance! Complete with striking a pose before vanishing.
    • When the project leader makes Windam do the pose, they cut back to him making the pose... flanked by all his assistants posing with him. Then they go back to their stations as if that never happened.
    • Toriyama gets out of having to attend the presentation of the monster-controlling machine by claiming he has a stomachache. Everyone in GUYS knows he's just feigning it. Mirai, on the other hand, is visibly hurt by their insensitivity towards Toriyama, telling them that "the adjutant could be very sick right now". Immediately cut to Toriyama cheerfully playing golf on the rooftop, where one of his balls flies out and hits Maru (who is going in Toriyama's place).
      • Later on, when Toriyama shows up, Mirai immediately tells him he should be resting, and a couple times can be seen trying to give him medicine, only for Toriyama to shove him off.
    • Kelbeam bossing around Earthtron, who acts a lot like how Maru does when being pushed around by Toriyama.
      • Even better – the actual Maru notices this, which helps contribute to how GUYS and Mebius take the two monsters down.
  • Mirai's Ocular Gushers over Ryu's discussion about how much GUYS has grown as a team in Episode 24 "The Resurrection of Yapool".
  • Pretty much everything about Dr. Fujisawa from Episode 25 "Program of the Poisonous Moth".
    • Ms. Misaki informs Captain Sakomizu that Dr. Fujisawa will be coming in an hour. The normally laidback Sakomizu then starts panicking and runs around the room frantically looking for toothpaste. Things get even funnier when he accidentally ruins the paintjob Ryu is giving his communicator (damaged in the previous episode), making Ryu furious and elevating the sense of chaos in Sakomizu's panic attack.
    • Her introduction is her dancing down the hallway and jumping into the GUYS meeting quarters wearing a creepy mask that Mirai mistakes for Yapool, causing everyone to freak out.
    • Dr. Fujisawa noticing the smell of coffee in Sakomizu's breath and scolding him for it.
    • Fujisawa coming up with her identifications for everyone (Konomi is the "rabbit girl", Teppei is the "monster encyclopedia", etc.). When Adjutant Toriyama asks what his identification is, she calls him "Ebisu Adjutant" (referencing the events of "The First Errand"), to Toriyama's horror. Ryu asks what Fujisawa means which prompts Mirai, Konomi, and Teppei to immediately shout "We have no idea!"
    • The episode's ending: Fujisawa asks George out on a marine walk. George, who hates the ocean, could only go down on his knees in anguish.
    • George explains to the others why he dislikes the Ocean: Hes not afraid of water, it's just that as a child, every single time his family went to the ocean, something bad happened to him.
  • In "Konomi's Treasure" Maru and Toriyama overhear Ms. Misaki talking to Konomi and Mirai about something and believe that it's an important top-secret mission. Toriyama is outraged that they didn't invite him, so the two begin to follow Misaki, Mirai, and Konomi around in disguise...only to find out Misaki and Mirai are just helping Konomi find some nice cloths for a date. And then Toriyama gets arrested by a cop for stalking.
  • In Episode 33 "Lady of the Blue Flame", Teppei is visiting Misa (who is possessed by Femigon) in her room at the Phoenix Nest hospital. Miri, Ryu, and George are spying on him giving his love interest some flowers. Here's a translation of the exchange.
    Mirai: Teppei is so thoughtful.
    Ryu: Misa's cute.
    George: I'd give her one of my roses.
    (Konomi walks into the room)
    Konomi: What are you three doing here? Don't you know spying on others is wrong?
    Mirai: (stands up alarmed) This is bad?!
    (Ryu and George pull him down and try to hush him)
    (immediately cut to Teppei and Misa just staring at the three, who soon leave the room)