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This is the recap page for Ultraman X, the 2015 entry in the Ultra Series and the first one to be livestreamed on Crunchyroll. It focuses on Daichi Oozora, who was orphaned 15 years ago in the Ultra Flare Incident when a strange sun flare caused monsters to come to life from Spark Dolls. Now as an adult working for attack team Xio, with only a Gomora Spark Doll as family, he seeks to build a world where humans and kaiju can live together peacefully and unlock the mysteries of the Ultra Flare Incident.


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  • 01 A Voice from the Starry Sky: As Daichi and the Xio lab team (Rui Takada, Mamoru Mikazuki, and the Alien Fanton Dr. Gourman) try to materialize Gomora as Cyber Gomora, a monster named Demaaga suddenly appears. As Daichi heads into battle with Xio, a mysterious voice calls from his X-Devizer to unite — and its name is Ultraman X.
  • 02 A Collection of Possibilities: Xio is called in to deal with Birdon terrorizing a highway, but they discover the monster is preparing a nest for its soon-to-be-laid egg. Ultraman X is still overwhelmed by the monster's venomous beak, but Dr. Gourman believes the power of the Cyber Kaiju Cards hold the key to victory.
  • 03 A Song That Calls the Night: Daichi and Xio teammates Asuna Yamase look into sightings of the banshee-like urban legend called the Underground Woman. They soon discover her wailing is a summon to her pet monster Telesdon, but as they look deeper into the mystery, her true nature grows more enigmatic.
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  • 04 All for One: Alien Zarab has gotten his hands on Bemstar's Spark Doll and uses it to defeat Ultraman X by eating him. As Ultraman X and Daichi face death by digestion, the rest of Xio — Asuna, teammates Hayato Kijima and Wataru Kazama, and superiors Captain Shtaro Kamiki and Lieutnant Sayuri Tachibana — work to save X and stop Zarab.
  • 05 When the Aegis Shines: An Alien Nackle named Bandero steals Xio's collected Spark Dolls to sell them as weapons and kidnaps Rui in the process. The alien heads off to the planet Guillermo with his Black King bodyguard, but little does he realize that Ultraman X and Ultraman Zero are hot on his heels.
  • 06 The Man with the Memories of a Planet: An alien man named tE-rU appears in search of a giant robot called Rudian when a monster with a petrifying stare named Gargorgon attacks Earth. But what Xio wants to know is whether tE-rU is dangerous or not.
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  • 07 An Oath Beyond Worlds: tE-rU piloting Rudian and Daichi as Ultraman X prove to be no match for Gargorgon, who petrifies Ultraman X. The monster is after tE-rU for his homeworld's life energy and she warns Earth that unless the alien is handed over, all life on Earth will be turned to stone!
  • 08 X in Peril: Overwhelmed by the infamous Zetton, Xio hires a scientist named Kaito Touma to help them create Cyber Zetton Armour for Ultraman X. What they don't realize is they're walking into a trap and that Dr. Touma is in fact an old enemy of another Ultraman — Ultraman Max!
  • 09 We are Nebula!: Wataru's brother Isamu has given up on his dreams of becoming a rugby star and moved in to Nebula House, home of a trio of disguised aliens. But when a gang of extraterrestrial criminals pursued by Xio are challenged to a game of rugby by Nebula House, only Isamu can help Nebula House win.
  • 10 The Monster Won’t Move: A monster named Houlinga appears near tiny Sakane Village. Fortunately, the creature has no ill intention towards the villagers and ends up becoming a tourist attraction. But when Houlinga begins dying, Xio comes in to help the townspeople uncover the mystery of the monster.
  • 11 An Unknown Friend: Daichi is growing frustrated by the lack of progress in Xio's attempts to revive Gomora as Cyber Gomora when King Joe is sent by the Pedan aliens to destroy civilization. And as Ultraman X struggles against the robot, Daichi will find a way to bring Gomora forth as a friend.
  • 12 End of the Rainbow: A second Demaaga is resurrected by the galactic baroness Gina using the mysterious Dark Thunder Energy, transforming it into Tsurugi Demaaga, who defeats Ultraman X and forces him to separate from Daichi. Now, Daichi must rescue Ultraman X from the depths of cyberspace and will gain a new strength along the way.
  • 13 The Sword of Victory: Gina's brother Mold enters the scene, escaping from the world of Ultraman Ginga and Victory to help his sister wreak havoc. However, he accidentally pulls Shou and Arisa with him, allowing them to team up with Xio in order to face the galactic conquerors and their minions.
  • 14 The Shining Sky, and the Land Beneath It: The war against Gina and Mold draws to its thrilling conclusion when Hikaru joins Xio, Shou, and Arisa, while Gina and Mold harness the power of Dark Thunder Energy to grow more powerful than ever and launch an assault against Xio's base.
  • 15 A Soldier’s Back: Captain Kamiki has to attend his daughter's wedding, but at the same time, Gomess has appeared, corrupted by the power of Dark Thunder Energy into a more powerful and ferocious beast than before. Can Kamiki make it, or will work have to take priority like countless times before?
  • 16 Feature Report! 24 Hours Inside Xio!: A television crew comes to Xio to do a 24-hour recording of daily life at Xio, showing viewers around the base as the team busts an alien abduction ring and learns from its members that Dark Thunder Energy marks the beginning of the end.
  • 17 My Friend’s a Monster: A girl named Sakura moves with her mother to a quiet neighborhood in Tatara City, where she befriends Pigmon, an elusive inhabitant of the area who likes to befriend children. But one day, Pigmon shows up in broad daylight trying to warn Sakura of danger, causing mass panic!
  • 18 Wataru’s Romance: Wataru finds out that his childhood friend Nanako is now dating Hayato, to his jealousy. At the same time, a Space Cat named Mu has shown up alongside Red King awoken and mutated into EX Red King by Dark Thunder Energy. And when Ultraman X tries to battle Red King, Mu is instantly smitten by him!
  • 19 Living Together: Xio's latest attempt to safely reanimate Gomora from his Spark Doll is a massive success...that is until Dark Thunder Energy turns him into the rampaging EX Gomora! As Xio reluctantly prepares to kill Gomora, Daichi encounters M1, an artificial being skeptical of his belief in making a world harmonious for humans and others.
  • 20 Bonds –Unite–: Xio is called in to deal Space Beasts when Lieutenant Tachibana receives news of her daughters in Canada caught in the rampage of Bemular. Feeling helpless to save her children, Tachibana suddenly receives the Evoltruster, granting her the power to become Ultraman Nexus!
  • 21 A Beautiful End: Daichi is conducting a new experiment — to track down the source of his parents' voices coming through the X-Devizer when Wataru and Mamoru encounter an animate mass of nothingness heading from the Sun to Earth. The evil entity Ultraman X had battled 15 years ago and caused the Ultra Flare Incident from it has returned.
  • 22 Land of the Rainbow: Greeza has defeated Ultraman X, trapping him and Daichi in the deepest reaches of cyberspace. Asuna volunteers to rescue them in the same way Daichi did with X earlier, but Greeza grows more powerful when it absorbs Xio's Spark Dolls. But in the final battle, Daichi will finally learn his parents' fates.

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