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Tear Jerker / Ultraman Mebius

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  • Episode 47 "Mephilas' Game": The eponymous "game" is to play Mirai off against his own friends (brainwashed to see Mebius as an enemy). Mirai is reduced to tears at the sight of his own friends holding their guns at him as he is unable to restore their memories to normal. Even they feel pretty bad for making him cry after their memories are restored.
  • The backstory of Hiroto Ban and Ultraman Mebius becoming Mirai Hibino as revealed in Episode 22 "Days of Future".
    Captain Ban: May your days of future be bright.
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  • In Episode 4 "Broken Bonds", Konomi is wondering if she should be in GUYS and decides to go back to the preschool she worked at to get away from it. However, in her classroom, she finds the children have drawn pictures of her in GUYS, and unable to cope with herself disappointing them she runs away.
  • The entirety of Japan's outrage at GUYS' "death" (actually being trapped in a force field disguised as a terrorist attack) in Episode 45 "Deathrem's Plan".
    • Things get worse when Deathrem reveals the truth to the world and the Japanese people become even more furious, hurling armor-piercing questions at Mirai about why GUYS won't sacrifice themselves for the greater good of protecting the country. Mirai is reduced to tears and begins to question his own faith in humanity.
  • Konomi crying when Mebius is "killed" by Grozam in Episode 46 "Immortal Grozam" as she fears GUYS is completely hopeless and powerless against the regenerative alien.
  • The young Marina mourning the death of her grandfather in Episode 23 "The Ocean Waves of Time". She stays up all night throwing the paper airplanes her grandfather taught her to make and saying "Don't leave me".
    • Torii sacrificing himself to save Marina from Chronorm.
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  • Sayuri Hinode's family weeping at the news of her death at the beginning of Episode 39 "The Invincible Mother".
  • In Episode 32 "The Monster Master's Legacy", it is revealed that Yoh, the boy the first Alien Mates adopted on Earth, died young, though the reasons are left a little ambiguous.
    • Beo's inability to regain his sympathy for humans, as no matter how hard he tries, he is reminded that they murdered his father in an act of hate.
  • Real Life example: Captain Sakomizu's actor Minoru Tanaka committed suicide in 2011.

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