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Recap / Tiny Toon Adventures S 3 E 11 Washingtoon

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The eleventh episode of the third season of Tiny Toon Adventures, and the eighty-ninth episode overall.

The episode begins with The Wolverine chasing Buster and Babs through ACME Acres, and all the way to a cliff near the entrance to Wackyland. Babs is sure she and Buster are doomed, when Buster tells her about Cartoon Escape Rule #1; when it looks as if the heroes are going to eat it, pull in someone else. Buster pulls in Plucky, who claims he isn't in this episode, and he and Babs burrow into the ground as The Wolverine beats up Plucky. Buster and Babs emerge from their burrow, thanking Plucky and telling him they owe him. Plucky tells them, "Big time!", and the two rabbits run right into The Wolverine. Babs asks Buster if he has any more rules, and Buster tells her that he has just one; when all else fails, use gratuitious violence. Buster then pulls down a window shade filled with various weapons, and tells Babs to take her pick. She chooses a mallet as he chooses a club, and just as they hit The Wolverine with them, The Wolverine gets hit by a beam, which takes his tooniness away. The Wolverine says, "Owie Owie Owie!", much to the surprise of Buster and Babs, who are about to drop a refrigerator and a washing machine, respectively, on him. Babs then looks over the script and realizes that The Wolverine isn't supposed to say "Owie Owie Owie!" in this episode, so she asks him what's going on. The Wolverine tells her that she and Buster play too rough, and he leaves.


Babs begins to suspect something is wrong, then she sees Calamity Coyote being carried on a stretcher. She asks him what happened, and he holds up a sign with a picture of a banana peel on it, indicating that just one banana peel knocked him out. Babs realizes that cartoons aren't supposed to be knocked out by a single banana peel, and senses an evil presence. The Adult Coalition Against Funny Cartoons Chairperson emerges from under a rock to disagree. Buster asks her who she is, and she introduces herself to him and Babs. She then hands them her card, and they try unsuccessfully to pronounce its initials. The ACAFC Chairperson then tells Buster and Babs that she has been monitoring the violence on their show, including ducks like Plucky being torn into little pieces. Babs tries to tell her it was only a gag, but the ACAFC Chairperson tells her that their show is not responsible viewing material and must stop. Plucky, tired of the abuse he's taken over the years, finds what the ACAFC Chairperson said the first sensible thing he's heard all day. The ACAFC Chairperson is glad someone agrees with her, and hands Plucky her card.


The ACAFC Chairperson then reveals to Buster and Babs that her plan is to rid ACME Acres of Cartoon violence, and create a new educational television show. She then brings in her Toon Logic Extractor machine and tells Buster and Babs that she's going to use it to drain all of the Tooniness from ACME Acres so that reality shall rule. Buster asks her what gives her the right, and she shows him and Babs her License to Kill Comedy. The ACAFC Chairperson then demonstrates her Toon Logic Extractor on Gogo Dodo, turning him into a slideshow presentator. Babs asks Buster what they're going to do, and Buster tells her they're going to fight back and save ACME Acres, even if they have to go to the President of the United States. Babs finds what Buster said a wonderful idea, and she heads for Washington, with Buster in tow.


In the second act, Buster and Babs burrow their way to Washington, DC, and they soon reach the White House. The guard tells them to state their name, rank, and serial number. Buster and Babs introduce themselves to him, and tell them they're here to see the President. The Guard tells them, "Take the tour!", and closes the door.

A little later, Babs is disappointed that her and Buster's trip to Washington all turned out to be for naught, when Dan Quayle hears her from outside. He is so excited to see Buster and Babs, and introduces himself to them. He tells them he is their biggest fan, and watches their show every day. He then asks them if they'd like to see his room.

When Buster and Babs reach Dan's bedroom, they are surprised to find out it is decorated like a child's bedroom. As Dan skips across his room excitedly, saying, "Buster and Babs are in my room!", Babs tries to tell Dan that ACME Acres is being drained of its tooniness. Dan doesn't pay attention and asks Babs to "Do that funny thing with your toes". Buster tries to tell Dan that if ACME Acres falls, so will the nation. Dan then asks Babs to do that funny thing with her toes, and Babs unenthusiastically says, "Don't I have the cutest toes?" as she holds up her right foot. Dan finds this hilarious, and laughs hysterically. Babs tells Buster their plan isn't going well, and Buster tells Dan that they want to meet to the President. Dan tells them he'd like to as well, and Babs tells the viewers, "The future, folks!". Buster then tells Dan that he and Babs need to talk to the President, and asks him if he'll help them. Dan tells them that President George H.W. Bush went to sleep-away camp at Camp David, and Babs says goodbye to him as she carries Buster away. Dan then removes his left shoe and sock and says, "Don't I have the cutest toes?", laughing hysterically.

Back in ACME Acres, Plucky is at his house, reading a newspaper that says that Buster and Babs have gone to Washington. He decides to get back at them, and calls the ACAFC Chairperson, who calls him, "Mr. Cluck". Plucky tells her that he's been thinking about her new show, and agrees that children should be watching boring, slow-paced highbrow stuff. The ACAFC Chairperson tells Plucky to meet her right away.

Buster and Babs arrive at Camp David, where they see President George H.W. Bush fishing in a swimming pool, surrounded by his Secret Service men. They then see Barbara Bush being interviewed by Barbara Walters. Ms. Walters then asks Mrs. Bush that with all the activities as First Lady, when does she gets to see her husband. Mrs. Bush then tells Ms. Walters that she and George have a unique relationship; they watch television together. Babs then burrows up to Ms. Walters, disguises herself as "Bunny Wawa", and buries Ms. Walters in her burrow. She then asks Mrs. Bush what the President thinks of Babs Bunny, and Mrs. Bush is confused. Babs then asks Mrs. Bush if the retired five-star general whats-his-name is behind her, and she replies, "Swarshkoff!". Buster, who is disguised as General Swarshkoff, arrives, and Babs asks him what brings him to Camp David, besides basket-weaving and watersports. Buster tells Babs and Mrs. Bush that his business is top secret, and that he must confer with the President immediately. Babs finds this a terrific idea, and she follows him, with Mrs. Bush in tow.

Mrs. Bush leads Buster and Babs to George, telling him that the General has some urgent news for him. George then says, "Well, read my lips!". Babs does so, revealing them to say, "NO NEW TAXES", then says, "So what else is new". Buster then starts to suspect that he and Babs are about to be kicked out, and George introduces his Secret Service bodyguards, Agent Kinder and Agent Gentler, both of whom are wearing shark fins on their heads. Babs tells George that toons are an endangered species, and she and Buster remove their disguises. George is convinced by Babs, and tells her that he couldn't throw out an endangered species. Buster tells George that all he and Babs want to do is make people laugh, and Babs tells him that soon, they'll be banned from TV. Buster tells George there should be a law to protect toons. George agrees, but tells Buster and Babs that he doesn't make laws, but rather, they take an act of Congress. First, a bill has to be written, then it gets debated and voted on, then passed onto him for approval. If he doesn't veto it, the bill becomes a law. Buster decides that he and Babs should get started on the bill immediately.

Back at ACME Acres, Plucky and the ACAFC Chairperson work together to drain all of the tooniness from the other toons. As a result, Elmyra becomes a proper pet caretaker, Dizzy becomes a health fanatic, and Hamton becomes a neat freak (which is more or less what he was before). The ACAFC Chairperson's new show, Plucky's Learn-O-Rama starts airing on TV just as Buster and Babs return to ACME Acres. They find out that time is running out, and if Congress doesn't help them, ACME Acres is doomed.

In the third act, Buster and Babs go to the Washington Courthouse where they find the Lincoln Memorial. Babs reads over the speech written on the memorial, and finds what she read beautiful. Buster is sad that the speech doesn't apply to him and Babs, and tells her that now, they're a lost cause. The Lincoln Memorial then tells them that lost causes are the only causes worth fighting for. It then tells them to stand tough in the face of adversity, and to never ever give up. Buster and Babs work up the courage to continue their mission, and as they set off, Babs thanks the Lincoln Memorial for encouraging her and Buster. The camera then moves down to reveal that it was really Ronald Reagan talking to his teddy bear. Nancy Reagan then finds him and tells him it's his bedtime.

Buster and Babs return to the White House, where Congress is now in session. Dan Quayle begins the meeting, and tells the members of the Congress that Buster and Babs are his friends. Buster tries to speak, but a member of the Congress interrupts, saying "Fillibuster!". Dan questions, "Fillibuster?", and the other members of the Congress sing "Fillibuster!", Babs then inflates Buster with a bicycle pump, obviously playing on what they were saying. (Fill-a-Buster.) Buster flies his way up to the ceiling, then deflates his way back down, screeching to a halt before he can hit the floor. The Members of Congress find this a funny gag, and they laugh and applaud. Buster then reads over a speech reminiscent of Abraham Lincoln's "Four Score and Seven Years Ago" speech, ending with, "We hold these tooths to be self-evident" while holding up a pair of chattering teeth. The Members of Congress find this a funny gag as well, and they all laugh. Buster then tells them that as toons, he and Babs do this for fun, and cartoons are a part of everybody's cultural heritage. Babs then tells the Members of Congress about what's happened to her and Buster as of late, and brings in a television set. She then tells them that the toons living in ACME Acres aren't funny anymore, and turns the TV set on to Plucky's Learn-O-Rama. Plucky, Dizzy, Hamton, and Elmyra have all been drained of their tooniness, and give blank stares. Plucky then sings a boring and sappy song about feelings, which causes the Members of Congress to fall asleep. Babs awakens them by hitting a bass drum, and Buster tells them that free speech is on the block. Babs then brings in the ACAFC Chairperson and tells the Members of Congress not to let her have her way, as if she does, cartoons like her and Buster won't get to do the funny gags they're known for, demonstrating them on the ACAFC Chairperson. The ACAFC Chairperson tells Buster and Babs that they're an insult to decent Americans, and Buster pulls a switch that drops a 16-ton anvil on the ACAFC Chairperson. Buster tells the Members of Congress that in reality, people get hurt, but Babs tells them that cartoons never really get hurt and can withstand intense violence, as it's all part of making people laugh. The ACAFC Chairperson emerges from under the anvil and tells Buster and Babs that she's only just begun to fight. Buster and Babs pull the switch again, causing it to drop a cruise ship and the planet Saturn on the ACAFC Chairperson. Dan concludes the meeting by asking the Members of Congress if they are in favor of banning cartoons. The response is a long silence (save for a cricket chirping). He then tells all opposed to laugh, and the Members of Congress all laugh. The law to save cartoons is passed, but the ACAFC Chairperson emerges with her Toon Logic Extractor, telling everyone no matter how much they laugh, she will never give up. She then zaps Buster with her Toon Logic Extractor, draining him of his tooniness. Unfortunately for her, Buster's tooniness is too strong, and it destroys her machine. With the Toon Logic Extractor destroyed, everyone's tooniness is returned (although not all of them to their proper bodies). When Buster's tooniness is returned to his body, Buster says, "So, um, I still got no pants.". Babs is proud of Buster, as she knew his tooniness would be too strong for the Toon Logic Extractor to handle. Suddenly, the ACAFC Chairperson's Tooniness, which had been lost many years ago, emerges from the rubble. With her tooniness returned, the ACAFC Chairperson is completely reformed and goes to live with Gogo Dodo and his friends in Wackyland.

Buster and Babs thank Dan Quayle, and tell him to call them if he ever needs their help again. Dan tells them that he will in 1996. Buster gives Dan a high-five, and the episode ends with a view of the American Flag on the White House.

This episode provides examples of:

  • Accidental Misnaming: The ACAFC Chairperson calls Plucky "Mr. Cluck" when he calls her to tell her that he wants to help her drain ACME Acres of its tooniness.
  • Balloon Belly: Happens to Buster when Babs inflates him with a bicycle pump, playing on "Fillibuster".
  • Call-Back:
    • The Wolverine from "Buster and the Wolverine" appears at the beginning of this episode.
    • Henny Youngman from "Henny Youngman Day" and the George Burns Chimpanzee from the segment, "Lame Joke" can be seen carrying Calamity on a stretcher.
    • The Adult Coalition Against Funny Cartoons Chairperson from the "It's Buster Bunny Time" episode segment, "The Anvil Chorus" appears as the main antagonist of this episode.
    • When Gogo Dodo is zapped by the ACAFC Chairperson's Toon Logic Extractor, among his friends escaping from Wackyland are Private Eye and the football from "Her Wacky Highness", Sphinx from "Sawdust and Toonsil", and The Elephant from "Elephant Issues".
    • When Buster and Babs reach Camp David, Babs uses her "Bunny Wawa" disguise from the "The Wacko World of Sports" episode segment, "Tennis the Menace" to interview Barbara Bush.
  • Credits Gag: Guess What We Are?note 
  • Culture Police: The ACAFC Chairperson, who takes over ACME Acres with a device that strips toons of their tooniness so they could become bland, pro-social educators.
  • "Freaky Friday" Flip: Towards the end of the episode, Buster's tooniness destroys the Toon Logic Extractor, which ends up putting Plucky's tooniness in Elmyra's body, Elmyra's tooniness in Plucky's boy, Hamton's tooniness in Dizzy's body, and Dizzy's tooniness in Hamton's body, leading to his exchange:
    Plucky (in Elmyra's body): What's going on here?
    (Muffles mouth)
    Dizzy (in Hamton's body): Mmmm! Me eat now!
    (Growls, then pounces Plucky in Elmyra's body.)
    Plucky (in Elmyra's body): Wait! This is impossible!
    Hamton (in Dizzy's body): Oh, boy! I'm gonna clean my room!
    (Plucky, Elmyra, Hamton, and Dizzy all fight each other.)
  • French Maid Outfit: Hamton wears one when he prepares to clean his room.
  • Fun with Acronyms: The Adult Coalition Against Funny Cartoons. Don't even try pronouncing it.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Whether this or Hilarious in Hindsight fits this episode largely depends on one's political leanings, but the original airdate of November 4, 1992 happened to be one day after George H.W. Bush (and Dan Quayle with him) were defeated by the Democratic ticket of Bill Clinton and Al Gore.
  • Glad I Thought of It: At the end of the first act, Buster tells Babs they might have to go to the President of the United States to save ACME Acres. Babs tells Buster it's a wonderful idea, and burrows into the ground. Buster asks her where she's going, and she tells him, "To Washington, to see the President!". Buster then asks, "Now, why didn't I think of that?".
  • Heel–Face Turn: Towards the end of the episode, the ACAFC Chairperson's Tooniness, which had been lost many years ago, emerges from the rubble of the Toon Logic Extractor. This gives her a sense of humor and she bounces off happily to Wackyland to live with Gogo Dodo and his friends.
  • The Immune: Hamton is more or less the way he was before when his tooniness is taken away by the ACAFC Chairperson.
    Hamton (arriving to his bedroom in a maid's outfit): Oh, boy! I'm gonna clean my room!
    (Hamton gets zapped by the Toon Logic Extractor.)
    Hamton: Oh, boy! I'm gonna clean my room!
  • Liquid Assets: The ACAFC Chairperson uses the Toon Logic Extractor to drain cartoon characters of their tooniness. Buster's tooniness is too strong for the machine, destroying it and returning everyone's tooniness (Although not all of them to their proper bodies.), including The ACAFC Chairperson's tooniness, which had been lost many years ago, and saving ACME Acres.
  • Manchild: Then-US Vice President Dan Quayle is depicted as one in this episode, being completely obsessed with Tiny Toon Adventures and having a race car bed.
  • Nap-Inducing Speak: Plucky's song about feelings on Plucky's Learn-O-Rama causes all the Members of Congress to fall asleep. Babs wakes them up by hitting a bass drum.
  • Political Correctness Gone Mad: The ACAFC Chairperson calls for the cancellation of Tiny Toons because it contains comic violence. She wants every kids program on the air to be touchy-feely, inoffensive, and bland.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Gogo says, "I'm melting! Melting! Oh, what a world, what a world!" when he gets zapped by the ACAFC Chairperson's toon logic extractor, referencing the Wicked Witch of the West's death in the 1939 movie, The Wizard of Oz.
    • On the door of Dan Quayle's bedroom, there is a sign that says, "He-Man Woman Haters Club".
  • Split-Screen Phone Call: Done when Plucky talks to the ACAFC Chairperson.
  • Suddenly Voiced: The Wolverine becomes able to speak in complete sentences when the ACAFC Chairperson takes his tooniness away.
  • A Very Special Episode: This episode deals with protecting cartoon shows from overzealous Moral Guardians.
  • Visual Pun: When George tells Buster and Babs, "Read my lips!", Babs looks at his lips and finds, "NO NEW TAXES" written on them.

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