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Recap / The Simpsons S 23 E 15 Exit Through The Kwik E Mart

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Bart becomes a graffiti artist after Homer punishes him for a prank he didn't play. Meanwhile, Apu faces competition against a health-food store.


  • Artistic License – Animal Care: The cage for the rabbit Bart gets Marge for her birthday is way too small for a rabbit of that size. Indeed, it's far too small for any kind of pet rabbit, small or big.
  • Cut Phone Lines: Non-villainous example. Homer tries to get a cook celebrity to call Marge on her birthday. They time the call the same moment the show goes live...but time passes and the call doesn't come in, all due to Bart's bunny gift having chewed on the phone line before the show started. This causes the oblivious cook to go from happily celebrating Marge to outright hating her - along with the audience - for not answering the phone.
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  • I Resemble That Remark!: Nelson criticizing Apu for selling cigarettes to kids as he takes a puff from a cigarette
  • Loophole Abuse: To keep Lisa from denouncing him as a graffiti artist, Bart had to promise to write "Fur is Murder". He only wrote it once and added a question mark.
  • Repeated Cue, Tardy Response: Homer arranges for Paula Paul to call Marge live during her show to wish her a Happy Birthday. He makes everyone wait while he says "!" Nothing happens. He continues to say "one" for hours. Then it turns out that Marge's new pet rabbit (given to her by Bart for her birthday) had chewed through the phone wire, preventing the call from coming through.

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