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Repeated Cue, Tardy Response

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"Then you smile and gaze at me
Take my hand on bended knee...
Bended knee...
BENDED KNEE!" [Shrek finally bends down]
Princess Fiona, Shrek: The Musical, "This Is How a Dream Comes True''

This trope occurs when a character says a cue line, but the expected response doesn't happen, so the character has to repeat their cue. Typically used for humor, subverting expectations.

Sometimes the expected response never comes: the character says the words, but nothing happens. Maybe they weren't heard, so they repeat it again, louder and with more emphasis, and still nothing happens. The character is now stuck in an awkward position. Examples would include an actor stuck on stage in front of an audience who must now wing it, or a character waiting for someone to spring a trap that never comes.

Rule of Funny requires that, if the event does eventually happen, it will always occur either after the character has given up, or between recitations. Example: "Behold this event...Now!" (Beat) "...Now!" (Beat) "...N-" (interrupted by event)

May require a Prompting Nudge for the unresponsive character to eventually comply. Compare Delayed Reaction.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F': Bulma starts taunting Frieza. Everyone asks if she's lost her mind and she smugly says Goku and Vegeta are coming any second to stop Frieza. Once the others make it clear Goku and Vegeta are not there, she panics and tries to retract her statements.
  • Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]: When Lancer attacks Shinji, Shinji smugly calls upon Gilgamesh, completely missing the fact that a) Gilgamesh doesn't care about him and b) Gilgamesh isn't there. Lancer stabs him in the arm and sends him running.

    Films — Animation 
  • In Cars, Lightning McQueen says, "Is it getting dark out?" at which point Lizzie was supposed to activate the neon lights, but she didn't hear him. Lightning tries again, she actually forgot what she was supposed to do and Red decides to do her job for her.
  • Happens in Finding Nemo when Nemo is about to be inducted into the Tank Gang, the ceremony taking place atop Mount Wanna-hock-a-loogie.
    Bloat: If you are able to swim through... the Ring... of Fire!
    [Nemo looks confused as nothing happens]
    Bloat: [aside] Turn on The Ring of Fire. The Ring of Fire! You said you could do it!
    Jacques: Oh! Yes...
    [starts spinning the wheel to make bubbles burst out of the mountain]
    The Ring of Fire!''
  • In Brother Bear 2, Kenai pretends to be a ferocious bear for Rutt and Tuke to defeat. When he says "I'm gonna rip you to shreds," it takes a repetition before both moose go in to "defeat" him.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In Blade: Trinity, Hannibal King is captured by the villains and reveals that he had a tracking device, allowing his teammates to know his exact location. He then gives a verbal cue, expecting a Big Damn Heroes moment. It doesn't come and he nervously asks for a cellphone.
  • In Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey, Shadow and Chance are being chased by a mountain lion, when they come across a dead end. However, Chance gives Shadow an idea to perform the see-saw trick. As Shadow goes to distract the mountain lion, Chance gets into position as Shadow leads the mountain lion towards the see-saw. As soon as the predator gets on the other end, Shadow shouts 'now'. But Chance gets distracted by a butterfly, missing his cue. It takes Shadow angrily shouting at Chance again for the mutt to snap out of it and perform the trick, sending the mountain lion into the river.
  • In Iron Man 3, a restrained Tony Stark faces this while summoning his armor. Tony had already called his suit to him from Tennessee whilst in Miami, but he mistimed how long the trip would take. He repeatedly threatens the enemy mooks with their impending death before the parts of his suit finally reach their destination.
  • The climax of Mallrats featured Brodie setting up to expose Hamilton's sleeping with a 15-year old girl (the girl did it for a book) to be as public as possible, but it backfires in this fashion when the tape gets dropped. Cue Brodie yelling, "NOW!" several times while on the verge of being assaulted by Hamilton before events turn and the tape plays, rerailing Brodie's plan.
  • In MirrorMask, the protagonist's parents run a small family circus. In one scene, the mother must run offscreen, change into a gorilla costume, and come back on as a different character. Unfortunately, she has a sudden migraine and passes out, forcing another crew member to take her place. The delay results in the oblivious father repeating her cue (mention of bananas) with increasing pointlessness until the replacement appears.
  • Lampshaded in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Ethan Hunt shouts, "Mission Accomplished" just before hitting a button which would ensure the villain's plans were defeated. His teammates had gotten tied up dealing with The Dragon, leaving Ethan to frantically push the button until they could do their part. In the end scene, he and his teammates have a good laugh about this.
  • In Spider-Man 2, Mary Jane notices Peter sitting in the crowd at her play, and is distracted causing her to miss her cue. The stage manager is just off stage repeatedly whispering "I AM GLAD" to try and cue her line.
  • In Addams Family Values, Gomez tries to have a Jumping Out of a Cake moment at Fester's bachelor party, but the stripper missed her cue to jump out twice.
    Gomez: Tadaaa! Tadaaaaa! [peers into cake filled with smoke] ...That poor girl. Lurch, was she in there before you baked?
  • In the opening scene of Thor: Ragnarok, Thor summons Mjölnir just before fighting Surtur with a heroic one-liner. The hammer doesn't quite get to him fast enough so he apologizes for getting the timing off and says the line one more time. The hammer catches up to him by then.

  • Animorphs: Rachel is trying to get Erek (whose hologram is malfunctioning) out of the store, but a particularly obnoxious clerk is in the way. Fortunately, Marco is there in gorilla morph, ready to knock him out!
    Rachel: Look out, that lava lamp is about to fall and hit you in the head!
    Employee: Huh?
    Marco: <Huh?>
    Rachel: [death glare] I said, look out, that lava lamp is about to fall and hit you in the head!
    Marco: <Oh, right.> [Tap on the Head]
  • The Heroes of Olympus: In The Mark of Athena, when Percy realizes that the only way to defeat a group of attacking pirates is to convince them that the god Dionysus is on board his boat, he pretends that his friends are falling under the effects of Dionysus's favorite curses: turning people insane, turning people into dolphins, or turning people into insane dolphins. He cues Frank the shapeshifter by shouting:
    Percy: Oh no! Frank is turning into a crazy dolphin!
    [Frank just stands there]
    Percy: I said, Frank is turning into a crazy dolphin!
    Frank: Oh no. I am turning into a crazy dolphin. [turns into a dolphin and flops on the deck]

    Live-Action TV 
  • Arrested Development: In Exit Strategy, Michael is in a meeting with Wayne Jarvis. Wayne dramatically says, "[GOB]'s on the news right now," and turns the television on. GOB is not on the news. They then have to wait through twenty minutes of unrelated stories aforementioned news report finally comes on.
  • In Father Ted, Ted needs to hold a raffle for a prize that isn't his to give away, so he rigs the draw by giving Dougal the winning ticket. Dougal remains oblivious after the number is called several times, responding only when Ted addresses him directly.
  • In one episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Will and Carlton are telling Jazz about the time that the family got put into witness protection because Will got on the wrong side of an assassin. Will convinces some of his new neighbors (a bunch of stereotypical rednecks) to help him fight the assassin, but by the time the assassin shows up, the neighbors are in a drunken daze as Will helplessly repeats the code word that was supposed to signal The Cavalry.
  • In an episode of Full House, Michelle is in a play with her friend who has stage fright. She keeps giving the cue, "Look, here comes that Yanky-Doodle Boy" but he doesn't come out. She has to go backstage and talk him into giving his dance number.
  • In The Golden Girls episode "Beauty and the Beast", Melissa is expected to sing "Put On A Happy Face" for her part of the Beauty Contest talent show, but she is so sick of the whole event (due to non-stop rehearsals that Blanche has subjected her into prior to the talent show) that she simply stands still silently on stage. Blanche tries to remind Melissa of her cue initially, before she gets on stage personally to "walk" Melissa through the process and ends up taking over the performance, with Melissa leaving the stage before the song was over.
  • During the Hang Time episode "Goodnight Vince", Mary Beth comes up with a scheme to acquire Coach Fuller's shirt in order for Mary Beth to find out Fuller's size for a jacket she'd get for him, which involves Kristy squirting a defective pen on his shirt under the pretense of asking for his autograph. Unfortunately for Kristy, it doesn't go as well as initially planned, forcing Mary Beth to improvise.
    Kristy: Oops.
    [Kristy holds the pen to make it squirt out ink, but nothing happens]
    Kristy: I said "oops".
    [Kristy holds the pen to make it squirt out ink again, but still nothing happens]
    Fuller: Let me try.
    [Fuller holds the pen, which does squirt out ink this time, unto Kristy's clothes]
    Fuller: [in shock] Oops.
    Kristy: [in shock] My shirt! [looks at Mary Beth] Mary Beth...
  • In Just Shoot Me!, Dennis forgot to buy Jack's lottery ticket on the one occasion when he actually wins. To cover it up, he doctors a ticket and leaves Jack's office window open, so that the ticket will fly away when Nina opens the door. The cue is Dennis saying "Lucky day", but Nina mistakenly thinks it's Marvin Gaye. Dennis continues on saying "Lucky day" in vain before Nina opens the door because she got tired of waiting.
  • In The Ministry of Time season 2 Hasta que el tiempo nos separe, Julián attempts to scare off the medieval lord and his mooks by making a Large Ham speech about lighting the sky on fire... but it comes off as ridiculous because Amelia is unable to light the fireworks for the plan.
  • In Stargate SG-1 season 4 "Window of Opportunity", Jack and Teal'c get stuck in a "Groundhog Day" Loop. On an early cycle, he tries to prove to Sam and General Hammond that that is what's going on by predicting that another SG team will come back early because one of them fell and broke his ankle. Jack's guess was about a minute early and he used this trope when it didn't happen when he said it would.
  • That '70s Show: Donna tells Eric to hide in the woods so he can jump out at the end of a ghost story she is going to tell.
    Donna: You'll know when she's coming because she screams before she kills. Let's see if we can hear her.
    Donna: I said, let's see if we can hear her!
    Eric: [off screen] Donna, I'm stuck in a thorn bush.
  • A sad version in the anthology show What Really Happened To The Class Of 1965?; an aspiring stand-up comedian gets his big break, appearing on a late-night talk show — and his routine falls absolutely flat. The "applause" sign repeatedly flashes, but the crowd sits stone-faced; in this case, they have no intention of laughing and are instead watching him die onstage. The host (played by Steve Allen) finally has to come on camera to rescue him.
  • Walt Disney Presents:
    • In Tricks of Our Trade, Walt discusses tricks involving perspective and dimension in animation, using an animated Mickey Mouse to demonstrate.
    Walt: He could turn so that we see all sides of him. He seems to have roundness; there's nothing "flat" about him. He can almost poke his finger in your eye. But when he leaves... (Mickey idly bides his time) Uh, ahem, when he leaves... (Mickey listens, waves goodbye and begins to exit the scene) When he leaves, whatever dimension he has given the scene leaves with him.
    • While introducing the Elfego Baca episode "Four Down and Five Lives to Go", Walt, decked in cowboy attire, tries to cue a nearby chorus to sing the series' theme song.
    Walt: Any man who wore the badge of sheriff in the Old Southwest was generally the most important man in town. Some were good men, using their authority and their six-guns to establish law and order, and there were those who were not so good. But, good or bad, their names and their exploits have become legendary in story and song. (pause) Story and song. That's your cue fellas! Hear me? (fires a couple of blanks) SING!
  • Monty Python's Flying Circus: In the "Spanish Inquisition" sketch, Cardinal Ximinez flubs his line three times, so he gets Cardinal Biggles to do it. Needless to say, Cardinal Biggles is unprepared:
    Ximinez: "Expects..."
    Biggles: Expects... the, um... Spanish, uh...
    Ximinez: "Inquisition..."
    Biggles: Yes, I know... Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition. In fact, those who do...
    Ximinez: [impatiently] "Our chief weapon is..."
    Biggles:, our chief weapon is and... uh...
    Ximinez: All right! All right! Stop! Our chief weapon is surprise and all that, blah-blah-blah-blah.
  • El Chavo del ocho: In one of the many versions of "El Festival de la Buena Vecindad", the kids set up a stage play of El Chapulín Colorado, with El Chavo playing El Chapulín. At one point, el Chavo is called to come on stage with the typical "Oh, and now who could defend me?", but doesn't appear. La Popis then has to come and explain that El Chavo went to the bathroom and will come shortly.

  • Happens in "Metal by Numbers" by Brian Posehn, as he attempts to cue the solo, several times.
  • The music video for "Move Your Feet" by Junior Senior ends with the evil squirrel pressing down on his plunger to detonate various things; the final one stops the music as it fails to explode. He looks around, bemused. Then studies his watch. Then presses the plunger a few more times. Then Earth blows up.
  • Happens in a few P.D.Q. Bach pieces:
    • In the Echo Sonata for Two Unfriendly Groups of Instruments, the second woodwind phrase goes unanswered twice, whereupon the woodwinds move on to the next phrase only to be purposely drowned out by the brass.
    • Two of the three discovered piano concertos have sections where the soloist misses the preceding cadence, and the orchestra or second soloist has to repeat themselves.

  • In The Jack Benny Program, on a Christmas show, Andy Devine was supposed to climb out of the chimney when Jack yelled, "Santy Claus will be here any minute!" When the time came, Jack yelled several times, louder each time. Eventually, Andy cuts him off and says he can't come because he's stuck in the chimney.

  • Shrek: The Musical: "This is How a Dream Comes True" starts into the trope early when Fiona tries to get Shrek (who she believes is her long-awaited true love) to kneel down. She ultimately has to yank him into position. It leads into a dramatic moment when Fiona, lamenting how wrong everything is going, asks Shrek to confirm that he killed the dragon according to the stories. Shrek answers that it's on his to-do list, and the two almost immediately have to run from the dragon.
  • The Sound of Music has one of these when the family escapes after singing in the concert. The announcer introduces them several times before someone else yells that they're gone.
  • In The Skin of Our Teeth, Mrs. Antrobusmisses her cue at the end of Sabina's opening monologue. Sabina gives the cue several times, more loudly each time, until she finally appears.
  • When Prince Achmed invades the Magic Kingdom in Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier, the Princess claims that Aladdin will protect them, and calls for him to enter the scene. Achmed and his army brace themselves, but Aladdin doesn't show. This repeats another time; on the third try, the Princess has to check that she got Aladdin's name right, and frantically asks where he is.

    Video Games 
  • Ratchet & Clank:
    • In Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando, after the Thief captures Clank and gives Ratchet a message:
      The Thief: Return to your own galaxy immediately, or this will happen to you!
      [the Thief pushes the red button; nothing happens, Clank looks confused]
      The Thief: [inspecting the buttons again] ... Or... this will happen to you.
      [the Thief pushes the green button; Clank is electrocuted]
      The Thief:
    • In Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, Emperor Tachyon has finally gotten ahold of the Dimensionator, a device that will allow him to free the cragmites, the imprisoned race of which he's a member. He says, "The time has come for the cragmites to rise again!" punctuating the last word by pulling the lawnmower-like ripcord on the device. Nothing happens.
      Tachyon: ...To rise again! [pulls the cord, nothing happens]
      [cut to the heroes looking bored]
      Tachyon: [twitchy eye] To rise AGAIN! [pulls the cord, portal opens]
  • At the end of Team Fortress 2 tie-in video Meet the Spy, the BLU Soldier has killed the BLU Spy because the latter was "obviously" the RED Spy.
    BLU Soldier: Watch, he'll turn red any second now. ... Annyyy second now...
  • In the trailer for the Hoxton Breakout in PAYDAY 2, Hoxton is being escorted to his retrial by a trio of guards, when a dollar bill is dropped through a drilled hole in the wall, as a signal to him. He dives to the ground, grabs it, grins at the guards and says:
    Hoxton: Look at this! I'm rich! [to wall] It's payday, fellas!
    [Beat, one of the guards draws a baton]

    Web Animation 
  • In Red vs. Blue, Sarge is being held at gunpoint and ordered to disarm. He is then ordered to march to the blue base.
    Sarge: Son, you can insult me. You can ambush me. You can even take away my weapons. But if you think I'm gonna set one single pinkie toe inside a Blue base, without my shotgun, you must not know who you're dealing with.
    Washington: I said move.
    Sarge: And I said: Shotgun.
    Washington: Yes. I have your shotgun.
    Sarge: No, I mean... Shot. Gun.
    Washington: What, you think I'm going to give you your shotgun cause you ask?
    Sarge: No! I said SHOTGUN! SHOTGUN, DAMMIT!
    Grif: [muffled] Oh, right, shotgun! That's my cue!
    Grif: Next time we choose a codeword, how about we choose one you don't say every five seconds.

  • In The Illustrated Guide to Law, the chapter on eyewitness identification begins with a lengthy introduction involving how memory works, different kinds of identification procedures, and how law enforcement can inadvertently cause a false identification... but no discussion of law. Finally, the police officer character gets frustrated, throws his coat on the ground, and asks what the law requires him to do. Then there is a long beat of several panels. Just as the officer begins asking the question again, the narrator jumps into view, saying "did someone say law?"

    Web Videos 
  • Defunctland's video on the Disney Channel theme begins with an intro where Kevin talks about the story of jingles and TV channel themes and who created them, before talking about the one from the Disney Channel and saying "the one for Disney Channel was created by..." several times before he realize that no one knows who created it, which is the main subject of the video.
  • In "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 4", when Red Guy asks about the relevance of the Internet, the talking computer hesitates.
    Red Guy: But in this digital world, what can we do?
    Red Guy: [insistently] What can we—
    Colin the Computer: Hey, good question!
  • During The Nostalgia Critic's review of Inspector Gadget (1999), when Gadget comes back from the dead simply by "having the heart."
    Critic: That's right. Even though it defies everything logical and everything scientific, Inspector Gadget comes back to life simply through the will of heart. ...I said "simply through the will of heart." ..."Simply through the will of heart!" ...Excuse me.note 
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series: Happens twice within one minute during Marik's first Evil Council meeting, when he's about to reveal his Evil Plan:
    Marik: Drumroll, please!
    [no drumroll]
    Marik: Come on, is it too much to ask for a [EFF!]ing drumroll?
    [drumroll starts]
    Marik: Thank you, for God's sake. In order to defeat Yugi Muto, we're going to... play a children's card game with him! Dun dun duuuuuuun!
    [drumroll continues]
    Bakura: That's your plan?
    Pegasus: I already did that.
    Weevil: Yeah, heh heh, me too.
    Marik: This will be no ordinary card game! It will... look, you can stop the drumroll now.
    [drumroll stops]
    Marik: Thank you.
  • Sword Art Online Abridged has Kirito calling out for Grimlock after explaining to Kains and Yolko how Schmidt couldn't have killed Griselda; this trope kicks in, and is justified, in that Asuna had to drag an uncooperative Grimlock to their location.
  • Diamanda Hagan gets into a shootout with the police and finally decides to just teleport away and blow up the compound. To her growing annoyance, the explosion doesn't go off when she expects.
    Hagan: And we should hear the explosion in three... two... one... one... one... one... [distant explosion]
  • Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] Abridged: When Caster attacks Shirou, Rin, and Saber on a bridge, Rin gloats that she has fallen into her trap and orders Archer to attack. He doesn't show up because Caster had pulled them all into a pocket dimension that Archer is desperately trying to enter. He doesn't enter until the battle is over.

    Western Animation 
  • Aaahh!!! Real Monsters: In the episode "Into the Woods"note , Ickis recruits Bradley (a human boy he's on good terms with) to help him with his important group scare assignment during a scout camping trip. The plan is for Ickis to jump in and scare the other campers when Bradley prompts him during his scary story with, "The big hairy monster with the huge pointy fangs leaped onto his unsuspecting prey!", then get chased off by Bradley so the latter will look like a hero. The only problem is Ickis loses track of the campers on the way there, runs into trouble in the woods, and ends up missing his cue. Bradley repeats the cue, but since Ickis is still having problems and therefore a no-show, Bradley has no choice but to improvise and stretch the story out more. Ickis finally shows up while running from lumberjacks and scares the campers after they've started to get bored.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: "Imprisoned:" The Gaang hatches a plan involving Katara getting arrested for earthbending. When Katara says the cue, "I'll show you who's boss... Earthbending style!", Aang is distracted by a butterfly and doesn't perform his part. She then repeats the cue, angrily, "I said, 'Earthbending style!'", causing him to snap out of it and make with the fake earthbending.
  • Captain Planet and the Planeteers: During "The Big Clam-Up", Ma-Ti is absorbed in a detective novel when a new case arrives. When the villain traps the Planeteers on a runaway streetcar, Kwame decides they need Captain Planet. All of them combine their powers... except for Ma-Ti, who's been taking advantage of the ride to read again. By the time he's brought back to reality, it's a little late and Gi and Wheeler decide to handle the problem themselves with some impromptu rail-bending. This leads to a wild ride when the streetcar gets routed down Lombard Street.
  • In The Fairly OddParents!, season 5 "Something's Fishy!", it's revealed that Cosmo sunk the mythical city of Atlantis nine times, earning him the title "The Accursed One" from the angry Atlanteans, who put him on trial and sentence him to death by summoning Krakens to eat him. In order to save themselves, Timmy (who has the powers of Aquaman Captain Ersatz Wet Willie for that episode) telepathically calls for a giant squid. It doesn't show up (despite Timmy repeating the above phrase), causing the people of Atlantis to mock him. That is, until the ending of the episode, right after Timmy convinces King Greg that Cosmo sinking the city nine times was a good thing, causing them to redub Cosmo "The Beloved One," the giant squid finally arrives and destroys Atlantis, earning Timmy the title of "New Accursed One."
  • In Family Guy, season 5 "Airport '07", Peter has a plan to get Quagmire's job back as an airport pilot by getting on a plane and drugging the pilots so Quagmire will have to step in and safely land the plane. Unfortunately, Quagmire gets distracted by having sex with an airport staff and he misses his flight.
    Peter: Oh, no! Both the pilots are unconscious, and we're in a nosedive. If only there was someone on board who could save us.
    [no-one responds]
    Peter: I said if only there was someone on board who could save us.
    Joe: Uh, Peter, I don't see Quagmire.
  • In The Great Grape Ape episode "Ali Beagle and the 40 Grapes", Grape Ape is dressed as a genie and hiding in a large vase. Beegle Beagle has arranged for Grape Ape to come out of the vase after the former knocks three times, but Grape Ape is slow to catch on.
  • In The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, season 6 "Goodbling and the Hip-hop-opotamus", when the school announcer tries to introduce Principal Goodbling:
    School Announcer: Attention. Attention. Introducing... Principal Goodbling!
    [a spotlight appears at his office door]
    School Announcer: Uh... Principal Goodbling! [beat] I said...
    Goodbling: Girl! I dun heard you the first time! The stupid door is stuck again! Someone get me out of here!
  • The Looney Tunes short The Isle of Pingo-Pongo (one of the Censored Eleven) employs this in its final gag, ending a Running Gag involving Egghead asking the narrator when it's time for his part.
    Narrator: And with the soft, sweet strains of the native music still lingering in the air, we say farewell to this island of enchantment as the sun sinks slowly in the west. [nothing] As the sun sinks slowly in the west. [still nothing] As the sun sinks...
    Egghead: N-N-N-Now, boss?
    Narrator: Yeah, now!
    [Egghead takes a shotgun out of his violin case and shoots the sun down]
  • In The Simpsons, season 23, "Exit Through the Kwik-E-Mart", Homer arranges for Paula Paul to call Marge live during her show to wish her a Happy Birthday. He makes everyone wait while he says "!" Nothing happens. He continues to say "one" for hours. Then it turns out that Marge's new pet rabbit (given to her by Bart for her birthday) had chewed through the phone wire, preventing the call from coming through.
  • In Sonic Boom, "Cow Bot", after Dr. Eggman appears out of a black cloud in the sky, he tries to dramatically introduce his latest creation to Sonic and the gang.
    Eggman: Behold, rodents! Prepare to face the most fearsome, destructive force ever to grace this or any other world!
    [Eggman presents his arm out to introduce Cow Bot, who's still in the black cloud; Sonic and the gang stare at the cloud waiting for Cow Bot]
    Eggman: It'll be a minute. Feel free to talk among yourselves.
    [Eggman resumes presenting his arm out, Sonic and the gang continue to wait]
    Eggman: Your doom is coming, I assure you.
    [Eggman still continues presenting his arm, Sonic and Knuckles become bored, Cow Bot moos in the distance]
    Eggman: Ah, here it is now!
  • In the Steven Universe episode "Made of Honor", Steven prepares a toast to Ruby and Sapphire, and also *gestures dramatically to the door of his house*. When Bismuth, the intended recipient of Steven's toast, doesn't appear, all the Gems present toast Pearl, who was vaguely in the same direction Steven was indicating. Steven nervously tries to play that off and also toast... the door that Bismuth still doesn't walk through. Steven is forced to tell the Gems to hold onto their drinks while he leaves to try to find Bismuth.
  • At the start of the What If…? (2021) episode "What If... T'Challa became a Star Lord?", when T'Challa is confronted by Sakaarans, he declares "A Ravager never flies solo!" After a pause in which nothing happens, he says it again, slightly annoyed. One of the Sakaarans asks if he's trying to make it a catchphrase, before Yondu's arrow finally takes them all out.


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