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Recap / South Park S 7 E 7 Red Mans Greed

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South Park residents are forced out of their homes when an Indian casino takes their land.


  • Backstory Invader: Parodied. A random kid with "ALEX" written on his shirt appears in multiple scenes, each time giving a generic line any other character could have said. It takes until the very end of the episode for anyone to comment on it:
    Stan: Dude, who the hell are you?!
    Alex: Alex. Alex Glick. I got to come on and do the guest voice thingy.
    Kyle: What?! Get the hell out of here!
    Alex: [exiting] Hi Mom! Hi Dad! Hi Jill!
  • Big "NO!": The Indian chief when 31 black comes up.
  • Casino Episode: The entire population of South Park goes to a Native American Casino and lose all their money.
  • Community-Threatening Construction: Evil Native Americans want to plow the town under in order to make a freeway bypass that goes directly to their casino.
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  • Crazy Cat Lady: The old bum who makes Stan inhale the paint thinner.
  • Description Cut: When Stan recalls all the good memories of South Park...that consists entirely of all the ridiculous disasters the town has met with in the past.
  • Evil Colonialist: Parodied by having the Native Americans take the place of the Europeans, stealing the land of the majority white South Park residents, and when they refuse to move, giving them disease-ridden blankets (with a 2% death rate!). Hell, even the title is a pun.
  • Evil Laugh: The Indians' Howgh, Howgh, Howgh.
  • A Fool and His New Money Are Soon Parted: Everyone in South Park gamble away their newly won 350 thousand dollars which would've been enough to save their town just because they wanted to be rich as well. Stan calls them out on it, but Stan's dad tells him to just drop it ("Son... okay?").
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  • Hi, Mom!: Done with Alex.
    Kyle: What?! Get the hell out of here!
    Alex: (walks off-screen waving) Hi Mom! Hi Dad! Hi Joe!
  • Insistent Terminology: No matter how many the evil things the Native Americans do, anyone who calls them Indians is instantly corrected into calling them Native Americans, which they then proceed to do and apologize for their mistake, even Mr. Garrison.
  • Junkie Prophet: Parodied. Stan huffs paint thinner in order to find the cure to the SARS that the Native Americans infected the people of South Park with.
  • Persecution Flip: The history of American colonization and Native American displacement... with roles reversed.
  • Prompting Nudge: The Indian chief's wife has to nudge her husband so he would come forward with the good news that the townspeople of South Park will have their properties handed back to them for saving his son from SARS, instead of just giving them all 5 dollars of credit in his casino.
  • Punny Name: Chief Runs With Premise and his son, Premise Running Thin.
  • Shout-Out: "You had me at 'free blanket,'" is paraphrased from Jerry Maguire.


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