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A listing of the novels and novellas that appear in the Nero Wolfe series by Rex Stout. The stories revolve around Wolfe, an obese and reclusive Great Detective, investigating various crimes (which usually end up in murder) with the help of his assistant Archie Goodwin.

Novels in the Nero Wolfe series


Novella collections

  • Black Orchids (1942; contains "Black Orchids" and "Cordially Invited to Meet Death")
  • Not Quite Dead Enough (1944; contains "Not Quite Dead Enough" and "Booby Trap")
  • Trouble In Triplicate (1949; contains "Before I Die", "Help Wanted, Male" and "Instead of Evidence")
  • Three Doors To Death (1950; contains "Man Alive", "Omit Flowers" and "Door to Death")
  • Curtains For Three (1951; contains "The Gun with Wings", "Bullet for One" and "Disguise for Murder")
  • Triple Jeopardy (1952; contains "Home to Roost", "The Cop-Killer" and "The Squirt and the Monkey")
  • Three Men Out (1954; contains "Invitation to Murder", "The Zero Clue" and "This Won't Kill You")
  • Three Witnesses (1956; contains "The Next Witness", "When a Man Murders" and "Die Like a Dog")
  • Three For The Chair (1957; contains "A Window for Death", "Immune to Murder" and "Too Many Detectives")
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  • And Four To Go (1958; contains "Christmas Party", "Easter Parade", "Fourth of July Picnic" and "Murder Is No Joke")
  • Three At Wolfes Door (1960; contains "Poison à la Carte", "Method Three for Murder" and "The Rodeo Murder")
  • Homicide Trinity (1962; contains "Eeny Meeny Murder Mo", "Death of a Demon" and "Counterfeit for Murder")
  • Trio For Blunt Instruments (1964; contains "Kill Now—Pay Later", "Murder Is Corny" and "Blood Will Tell")
  • Death Times Three (1985; posthumous, contains "Bitter End", "Frame-Up for Murder" and "Assault on a Brownstone")

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