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Recap / My Superhero University Welcome To A New Kind Of Tension

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My Superhero University | Season 01, Episode 01: Welcome to a New Kind of Tension

Narration: It had been months since the death of the Saint. Since then, the world he had built had slowly started to crumble.
Benny: Mr. Calston, you must know that we can't just accept the facts as they're presented by these mainstream media shills. They shill so hard for Saint Academy! I mean, either they really are that careless, or they're actively for metahuman domination of the Earth.
Wren: You big. Wren no big. Wren small. Wren still kill you. Big means big meat. Big mean hard, though. Could kill Wren. Wren not want killed.
Yoko: Don't worry, Sam. They won't bite. And they're half yōkai. They may be small, but they can protect themselves~!
Chibuzo: That one class that was Gaea's prey... the class they used to spread metahuman hate amongst the powerless populace...but this class retaliated...and after seeing this retaliation, Gaea decided to bite back, with chopping the neck of the man many people have clung onto like baby ducklets...even after their defeat, the bittersweet taste the death of Saint left on the entire globe's mouth is still present, and more and more supervillains are trying to spread chaos on this city and, possibly, the whole world...
Mikael: One hopes you're more than a distraction in combat. Unless you're aiming to be one of those search-and-rescue type heroes, being able to fight villains... helps... is that an octopus?
Roboctopus: This is a training room, no? Have you any idea when the actual training is supposed to start. I do have a limited lifespan and would like to get on with learning how to properly become a superhero, you know.
Dante: Also, you're already worried about your death, huh? I guess that you shouldn't not be...common octopi like you averagely live for one or two years...and it's sad actually...not having a long lifespan like humans do, or having biological immortality like demons, yōkai, the undead and whatever Iuvem is kinda sucks...
Clay: So I reckon that's our instructor, but where is the rest of him?
Evelyn: Don't be rude, Clay...He probably left it at home.
Ever Green: The first thing you do is force both sides into a defensive match. Battles are rarely started without warning and you need time to uncover all the facts. They are often the result of scaled hostilities from increasingly petty past events. More often than not, both sides will truly and fully believe the opposite side to be the instigator. Battle is complicated like that.
Jumping Bean: I'm a Xian from the Celestial Bureaucracy, and I have been sent to sort this out, please and thank you, if you could all just stop for a moment I could fill out the paperwork and go home!

  • Short Synopsis:The new teacher, Fujin, tries to teach the new university freshman how to defuse an imminent battle.
  • First Post: April 6th 2019
  • Webcomic Time: 26th August 2019

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