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Recap / Moshi Monsters Voyage Under Potion Ocean

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Voyage Under Potion Ocean is the second Moshi Monsters mission.

You start off at Bleurgh Beach, and Dr Strangeglove nets a seastar that's lying on the beach, blows up his glove like a balloon, sits on it, and flies into a puddle of goo on the sea. "Oh no," says your monster. "Dr Strangeglove! He's escaping into Potion Ocean! We must stop him!"If you click on the Cloudy Cloth Clipper that's nearby, your monster will suggest you row over to the boat so Buck can help you. Click on an oar to the right of the shack and open your inventory (the blue bag on the right) to put it on a rowboat (to the left of the shack). Then, click on the boat to row over.


On the Cloudy Cloth Clipper, talk to Captain Buck. He welcomes you aboard, and you tell him that Strangeglove is stealing Fishies and ask him to help you stop him. He accepts and asks you to help get his boat ready. Click on "Yes, of course!". He says that before we can sail, we need to do two tasks: swabbing the poop deck and busting the barnacles. He then asks which one you want to do first. The order doesn't matter, just pick one at random. To swab the poop deck, simply move your mouse in a scrubbing motion until the dirt's gone, and to bust the barnacles, click when the boxing glove is over a barnacle until they're gone. Once the tasks are done, talk to Buck. He realises he's lost his compass on the beach. If you ask him how he lost it, he says he and First Mate Lefty were making sand castles earlier and he must have dropped it and it's now under a sand castle. Then, agree to help him find the compass and he gives you a spade to dig up sand castles.


Back on the beach, open your inventory and drag the spade onto every sand castle you see to dig. When you find the compass, click on it, and then on the rowboat to go back to Buck.

Back on the Cloudy Cloth Clipper, talk to Buck. Apparently, First Mate Lefty has spotted some strange goo on the horizon. Buck tells you to use the globe to sail to the strange goo. Click the globe, and then click on the ship and drag it to the goo. A pop-up will appear, asking if you want to visit the goo. Click on "yes".

By the goo, your monster wants to investigate. If you click on the goo, your monster will ask where it is coming from. Buck says it seems to be coming from under the sea. If you ask if that's where Strangeglove went, he will say that it smells fishy. If you ask how to get down there, he tells you that there's a submarine on Bleurgh Beach and you can use it to chase Strangeglove underwater but it's missing a propeller. You ask where a propeller can be found, and Buck tells you that First Mate Lefty said he saw one on Pico Pop Glacier. If you ask what to do, he will tell you to go to Pico Pop Glacier and if the propeller's there, you will need to find something hot to melt the ice. Then, the map is shown again. Drag the ship to Pico Pop Glacier and click "yes".


At Pico Pop Glacier, you will find the propeller frozen in ice. Click the rowboat and you will get back to the map. Click the boat, sail to Mini Mount Char Char, and click "yes".

At Mini Mount Char Char, click the lava. Your monster will tell you they cannot just pick up lava and we need something to carry it in. Click on the rowboat and then you're back on the map. Drag the ship to Tiny Tiki Tropic and click "yes".

At Tiny Tiki Tropic, click on the crab. He tells you he has lost his blue shell on Bleurgh Beach. Click the rowboat and use the map to sail to Bleurgh Beach. When you find a blue shell, click on it, then on the rowboat.

You will find yourself back on Buck's ship. He will tell you to explore the islands. Click on the globe and sail back to Tiny Tiki Tropic.

At Tiny Tiki Tropic, open your inventory and give the crab the fancy shell. He will give you a lava bucket. Then, click the rowboat and sail back to Mini Mount Char Char.

At Mini Mount Char Char, open your inventory and drag the bucket onto the lava to scoop some up. Click on the rowboat and sail to Pico Pop Glacier.

At Pico Pop Glacier, open your inventory and drag the lava bucket onto the ice to melt it. Then, click the propeller. Then, click the rowboat and sail to Bleurgh Beach.

At the beach, open your inventory and drag the propeller onto the submarine. Your monster will say that we need to tighten the bolts with a spanner. Find a spanner, click on it, and drag it onto the submarine. Then click the submarine to go into it.

Then, you're in a game. Press space to shoot Glumps and mines and use the arrow keys to move your submarine, or press W for up, D for right, S for down and A for left. If you run out of shield, you'll just have to try again. When the game ends, you will find a shipwreck.

Inside it, you will find a machine that turns Moshlings into Glumps! Strangeglove leaves. To stop the machine, drop the spanner onto it, then click the speed dial. It will explode, freeing a Twirly Tiddlycopter. Click him. His name is Wurley and you can adopt him.

You will be taken to the Volcano, where Elder Furi asks what happened. You tell him that Strangeglove swiped a seastar, then Captain Buck and you followed him out to sea but he was hiding underwater, so you borrowed a submarine and found his underwater lair, then you found a machine turning Moshlings into Glumps, that it was horrible, but that you destroyed it. Finally, you tell him that Strangeglove got away but he says that Strangeglove is too powerful to defeat right now but that we must try to hinder his evil plans. Then, you tell Elder Furi about finding Wurley. Elder Furi lets you adopt Wurley and tells you to be vigilant, that he will meditate, and that he will see you soon. Say goodbye, and then click OK. The mission ends.

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