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Recap / Moshi Monsters Missing Moshling Egg

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Missing Moshling Egg is the first official Moshi Monsters mission.It is the only mission that Super Moshis who don't have a paid membership can do.

Remember: This is a Recap page, so spoilers.

Tip: Whenever a speech bubble happens, read it, then click "OK".

The mission begins with Elder Furi telling your monster that they're about to embark on their first exciting mission.He then lets you know that an important task for you is collecting EPICS. Click OK again.He says, "Here is one to get you started!".


Clicking "OK" takes you to the inside of the Volcano, where an emblem with the Super Moshi Logo is in between your monster and Elder Furi. Click on it to collect it.Elder Furi says that if you collect all three EPICS, you'll get a prize. He then states that it looks like you are ready for your first mission. He then states that Buster Bumblechops has reported a burglary at his incubation station.He finally tells you to investigate this recruit, wishes you luck, and tells you to remain vigilant.

Clicking "OK" takes you to Buster Bumblechops's house.He introduces himself and states that he's a famous Moshling collector.He then tells you that he needs help, that one of his eggs was stolen, and asks you to help find it.To help Buster find the egg, click on "All in a day's work for a Super Moshi!".Buster then tells you to look for clues and states that a rock wasn't there before.If you click on the wardrobe, your monster will say that it's locked and we need a key.If you click on the Incubator, your monster will note there's a strange branch there.If you click on the pulley, your monster will say that a cog is missing.If you click on the cupboard, an EPICS will fall out and Buster will praise your searching skills. Collect the EPICS.Clicking on Buster will have him say that the person left footprints and ask for his magnifying glass.Click on the magnifying glass on the cupboard, the keys on the door, the rock on the floor, and the branch. The rock, keys and the magnifying glass will go into your blue bag in the corner, but not the branch as your Super Moshi believes it to be too high to reach.Click on the bag and drag items onto Buster to give them to him.Giving him the keys has him tell you that they're for unlocking things.Giving him the rock has him tell you that it's from Raggedy Rock. Giving him the magnifying glass has him recognise the footprints but then note that they can't be from who he recognised them as.If you drag the keys onto the wardrobe, it will unlock. Click on it and collect a spare cog.It will now be in your bag. Drag it onto the crank, then click the crank to lower the incubator.Once the incubator is lowered, click the word "Off" on the top to turn the heat lamps off. Then click the branch to put it in your bag.Open your bag and give the branch to Buster.He tells you that it grows in wooded areas.Click on the torn cloth that's snagged on the broken window, open your bag and give it to Buster.He tells you that it is woven from spider silk.Then, via a popup, Buster tells you that all the clues point to the Wobbly Woods.Click on "GO!".


At Wobbly Woods, a voice gets your attention.Scroll until you get to a tree with a face. Click the tree.Note that an EPICS can be seen on the ground. Click it.He states that he knows where the egg thief is hiding in the woods and will tell you if you give him some water.You will find water in the pond but do not know how to carry it.You then click on a bucket hanging from a tree, and an Owl of Wiseness states that if you get them a book, they will give you their bucket.Click on a pile of books nearby, then on the bag and hand them to the owl. The owl will tell you to feed Shrewman some berries.Click on everything you see that looks like berries, then open your bag and give the berries to the eyes under the hole marked Shrewman. However, Shrewman is a picky eater and only likes it if you put the blue and yellow berries down.He will eat them, the bucket will rise, giving the owl a book by JK Growling.Now, collect the bucket, drag it onto the pond to collect water, and give the bucket to the tree.The tree thanks you for the water, then notes that he saw a man with a strange-looking glove going deep in the woods where his secret hideout is. He then wishes you luck. Click "GO!".


You will be transported to the hideout.Clicking on the door prompts a skull to say that the door is locked but the skull knows where the tree is.Click on the skull. It will say that the key is rattling around in its head.Click the start button and then use the mouse to move the bugs and slide out the key before the time runs out. Note: If you run out of time, just click "OK" and try again.When you're back in front of the hideout, click the key, then click your bag and drag it to the door to unlock. The skull will tell you that its master will be back soon.Click on the door.

In the hideout, you will find a book. Click on it and you will find a diary entry.

Dear Diary, My potion is finally ready to make. Soon I will shrink ALL OF MONSTRO CITY...mwaa ha haa! -> P.S. Wish someone had told me where Troll Snot ACTUALLY comes from...
And a recipe for a "Make-All-Small Potion".It tells you to boil a "tickling feather", two drops of troll snot, three "batty bat droppings", one moldy mushroom and two blueberries.Click the X to leave.Click to collect a glowing vial of troll snot, a feather, some fire wood, a candle, a mushroom, an empty bottle and a cauldron.Then click a bat to get bat droppings, and collect those.Take the kettle off the stove by clicking it and put the cauldron on. Light the stove with the wood and the candle, then add the ingredients. Then drag the empty bottle onto the potion.Drag the potion under the egg to shrink it.Then, click "GO!" to go back to Buster's house.Buster asks if you found the egg.Give the egg to Buster, and Baby Rox will hatch out.You then have the option of keeping Baby Rox.Then, click "OK" to end the mission.

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